About me

Instead of taking the time to come up with a new and witty profile, I will simply copy & paste from Facebook…

The Saga of Rob spans over twenty years of history. I remember the day I was born: the doctors said that I was ugliest baby they had ever seen and being naturally insulted I peed on their faces in retribution. After swearing at me and throwing me against the wall, I was in ICU for the first ten years of my life with massive head trauma. Diagnosed death could not keep me from living the life I was destined to live. By the age of thirteen I had already authored six books, most notably my autobiography Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl and the book that launched a thousand revolutions, Mein Kampf. As an already successful author at such a budding age I traveled the world to expand my horizons of culture. While on visit to Italy, I was elected Pope Friday XIII but declined due to personal reasons.

I have since settled down in Ada, Oklahoma while pursuing an undergraduate degree in history at East Central University.

More seriously, I am a college student at ECU who is passionate about history, theology, and the God behind that theology. Do not be fooled by my interests; I am actually a fun guy to be around and am easy-going enough to fit in well enough in most social situations. I am an uncle of one niece, Abbey, who I think is about the most precious child on earth. I guess most people think the same thing about their own nieces and nephews, but seriously she’s the cutest. My life goals are mixed at the moment.

I have been described as introverted, impulsive, mysterious/secretive, intelligent, dumb, asexual, doing things that don’t fit my character or personality, a good listener, a bad talker, argumentative, and superfluous just to use other peoples’ words.

I love to cook for others. Seriously, if you ever want a good meal, give me a call. It gives me a reason to spend money on food and gives me a chance to work on my cooking skills.

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