So long, Spring break

March 23, 2008 at 10:22 pm (Day to Day)

As expected, Caleb, D.J., and I went up to the city on Friday. And as expected, we went by Al’s Bike Shop on Main Street in Norman. I ended up only spending $10 on tubes. I am definitely a bike newbie so walking into a bike shop with seasoned veterans just hanging out is a little bit intimidating. It reminded me a little bit of High Fidelity, only with bicycles instead of music. There was even a wise-cracking Jack Black character that probably makes fun of people as soon as they leave, “ha, the Shimano 105 group stacks up worse than a couple of…”(can’t think of anything). After talking to the sales guy for a few minutes and explaining the dilemma, I just wheeled my front tire in and had him take a look. Very sarcastically, he said that I only needed a new tube. Despite his perceived snobbishness, he installed the tube and aired of the tire without charging me any labor. I bought another tube for my rear tire and left.

We then went to Bath, Body, and Beyond. I am unsure of which order, however. Caleb was screaming like a schoolgirl. This is his kind of place. I bought a $2 tea infuser for loose leaf tea, AND a moo cow LED key chain that cost just as much.  Barnes and Nobles is in the same shopping area. We walked in, and I screamed like a schoolgirl. After looking for a book on Masters Theory and coming up disappointed, I settled for a book on snobbery and a book on vampires since I am strangely connected to both. It was actually my own version of March Madness. I started out with two books and asked D.J., “would you rather read this book or this book…” This went on for a good fifteen minutes until I finally decided. There was a consolation book on string theory. It worked out well because D.J. ended up buying it. As soon as he bought it I innocently asked, “Can I borrow that sometime?” That’s so inconspicuous. Caleb ended up buying an audio lecture about the Crusades. We listened to a couple of lectures the rest of the trip. I was actually a little bit disappointed with it. For a guy who is top of the field and teaches a top tier university, he didn’t say anything I didn’t learn in my history of Islam or modern Middle-East class. We then drove two minutes to my Norman tradition of Charleston’s. This time D.J. screamed like a schoolgirl—if a schoolgirl sounded like Jabba the Hut.

We made it to Guitar Center in OKC with no problems. It was packed with eleven year old prodigies. It made D.J. feel inadequate to have an eleven year old kid with a mullet absolutely rock. Caleb bought an Elton John book, D.J. bought a how-to book for the guitar, and I did some remixing of Vanessa Hudgens (of High School Musical…) in the d.j. section. D.J. (the Gandy, not the jockey) is convinced he is going to buy a Gibson Les Paul by the end of the summer. This is about a $2000 guitar. It’s not that I don’t have faith, but I expect him to give up on the guitar in about two weeks. He is more impulsive than I am. Fortunately he is using a borrowed guitar and hasn’t had to sink money into it yet.  We walked around Penn Square Mall for a bit before going home. Caleb buying a new wallet from Dillard’s was the highlight from that, while D.J. and I made fun at him for buying a $35 piece of material that holds money.

I got home and quickly got started trying to figure my bike out. I immediately regretted not taking my rear wheel to Al’s. It would have done in five minutes what took me almost two hours. I could not for the life of me get the rear tire off the wheel. After some internet sloothing, I went to Wal-Mart and bought some tire levers. I was surprised they actually had them, in quite a surplus in the bike section. I bought two sets of two for the inevitable time I loose one. It took forever to pry the tire off the wheel. It wasn’t a matter of figuring it out as much as it was me not taking a jackhammer to it because it was being so stubborn. After some finagling, it popped off, I inserted the tube, and spent the next twenty minutes trying to get the damn thing back on. Using tire levers was not recommended, as it could damage the tube. I used the tire levers. The next problem I faced was a lack of tire pump. I had one before but apparently lost it. I went back to Wal-Mart to buy the pump, went home, pumped up the tire, and danced in victory. Take that, powers that be! Everything worked out well, and I actually wrote to D.J.’s, where he, Lee, and I watched part of American Gangster before everybody got too tired to finish it.



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