Mid-Spring Break update

March 21, 2008 at 12:47 am (Day to Day)

The Perfect Blend has become a place of “other friends”. It just so happens that the same group of people just happen to be there every time I am there. We have formed our own coffee shop group and are even discussing going on tour as a dance troupe. The Coffee Quartet perhaps? It consists of the esteemed Dr. Jonathan, the very artsy and overly cynical Zach, and one of the funniest men on earth, Russ. Jonathan works there so we conveniently show up whenever we know he has a shift to work. It’s either this or take the chance of looking Melody in the eye for a split second and ending up in a fifteen minute conversation in which you say literally nothing. I expect coffee for my $.74, not the latest church gossip surrounding the ambiguously-gendered parishioner. I have my own church for nonsense like that. Anyways, we eat wings together on a lot of Thursday nights and have a pretty good time. I am still not completely in with them. I have my on days and off days. Russ only has on days it seems, Jon always has an opinion about something, which usually starts with “…and two, I believe…”, and Zach can have a conversation about anything. Regardless, it’s a very fun group to be around.

D.J., Caleb, and I are going to the city tomorrow. I hope to swing by Al’s Bike Shop in Norman and pick up new tired for my Motobecane. This is the same bike that attracts bad Mexican drivers to fly through intersections and hit me. It was almost two years ago to the day that incident occurred. Had I been hurt it would have only been mildly funny instead of hilarious. I took the front wheel off my bike in order for them to have a good look and decide exactly what I need. Hopefully I will only need new tubes, saving me money that would otherwise be spend on a new set of tires. There is also the possibility of the store being closed since it is Good Friday. D.J. wants to go to Guitar Center after getting the impulsive idea of picking of the guitar. I tried reasoning with him to borrow a friend’s $100 piece of crap guitar made with genuine synthetic plywood imported directly from somewhere in Communist China. His reasoning is that he’ll be more likely to stick with if he buys an expensive guitar. This is also the same person who dropped $300 on an Ipod Nano, Nike shoes, and the Ipod chip that is inserted into the shoes to show running stats. That lasted about three weeks by the way. I knew from the beginning that he is the kind of person who has to have his impulsion quenched, but I tried reasoning with anyways. Oh well, Guitar Center should be fun, and we’ll probably have other fun while we’re up there.

My Facebook note was received a little hostilely by D.J.s dad. It was mean to be a polite response, and he and Kathy have both been way too concerned by my a Calvinist. That’s why they were tagged. Instead of them trying to understand me a little better, it slightly upset them and got D.J. in a little bit of trouble for mentioning a comment they made about me. I don’t think they are mad, only a little irritated. It wasn’t supposed to be defensive, only a little bit poignant and not directed at them. A few people have asked me about it in the last few weeks.

I want to go camping over the weekend…alone. It could end up with me being in some crappy horror-movie situation. The killer is ironically somebody from my past I would never expect (the hitchhiker from my Colorado trip two years ago?) come to teach me a lesson I’LL NEVER FORGET!” Little did he know I learned from the Home Alone kid (no, not how to properly smoke pot [he got busted a few years back]), and I set up traps that eventually lead to his doom. Anyways, it’s a thought. This is the first Spring break I have not gone on some extravagant trip so I’d like to do something.

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