One step closer to D&D

March 17, 2008 at 10:06 am (Day to Day)

I am really started cultivating my nerdiness this week by picking up the first of Isaac Asimov’s famous Foundations Trilogy, Foundation. I have always had an aversion towards science fiction, but I think it is mostly credited towards me reading or hearing about bad science fiction. Good science fiction is like making a wife out of an American girl. Robert Heinlein’s Stranger in a Strange Land is one of my favorite books, as is another of his, Job: A Comedy of Justice. Even though those two books blew my mind—more the former—he wrote some pretty terrible science fiction. I checked out of book of short stories he wrote and concluded that the paper it was printed on would serve the exact same purpose by picking up animal droppings—either way, it would have crap all over it. Isaac Asimov consistently came up on top Sci-fi lists on the internet. I’m only seventy-five pages in, but the “science” is so interesting. What grabs me about books like this is that the fact that the universe is completely unreal and doesn’t make sense in juxtaposition to reality, but everything remains consistent throughout the fictional universe. It’s to the point that I can say, “that makes sense” or “that doesn’t make sense.” The first book is pretty short, only 230 pages, especially when compared to Heinlein’s.

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