Times a changin’

March 9, 2008 at 1:43 am (Day to Day)

It is Spring forward after all…

Some highlights of the past week:

I went to Norman Monday night with Caleb and D.J. Caleb had an appointment with his counselor so D.J. and I tagged along. We ate a Tai Raja’s, which ended with me getting a t-shirt which coincidentally says, “I love Tai Raja’s”. The employee who gave it to me had a smile on her face as she handed it over and said, “Appy birfday!” Nobody told them it was my birthday beforehand, most likely because it was not. Instead of explaining I wanted the shirt out of sheer ridiculousness and not a happy-birthday-to-me present, I smiled graciously and thanked her. Dad went to work and dropped the kids off at the pool (dad=Caleb, kids=D.J. plus Rob, pool=mall). As soon as we passed a watch repair store, I remembered I needed a new battery installed. While that was getting taken care of, D.J. and I went to the smoking store. We felt a little bit out of place among the $30 cigars and $1100 pens. I was very tempted to buy a flask, however, and fill it with water. It would be quite a sight I’m sure to take it out in class and have a swig of water disguised as vodka. There was no price tag on it, but given that it was in a case full of very expensive smoking accessories (I am not sure when pens became a smoking accessory…) I decided not to inquire. I did manage to get into a smoking conversation with one of the employees. We discussed pipes and how they are once again in vogue. I let him know that I’m starting to polish my pogs up since it’s only a matter of time. The watch people had problems putting the back onto my watch. The new battery worked fine. I guess her specialty is taking watches apart, not putting them back together. She didn’t charge me for the battery at least. I should have been suspicious from the start when she opened up a trench coat and offered me fake Rolexes right next to black market babies. I’ll get it fixed here in town when I get the chance. It started snowing on our way back, which worried me since I had work in the morning. Joe let me know I could come in late if I needed to.

I absolutely hate Tuesday’s. I work in the morning, have some classes, and then work as soon as I get out of class for about ten hours. Tuesday is the busiest night doughnut-making wise, and my coworker is a little bit slow. I put in fourteen hours this particular Tuesday; that’s the majority of the day! Speaking of work, two employees are no longer in the already-small pool of doughnut jokey’s—the assistant manager and her husband. I don’t even know the details yet; Joe just texted me that she walked out during the rush Friday morning and her husband with her. I have always thought she was a little neurotic (to the point of making me laugh) but I did not expect a walkout.

I talked to Dr. Robertson about counseling stuff. Not necessarily ECU’s, just counseling programs in general. Although I have already taken the GRE, she told me about another exam, the Millers-Analogy Test. As its name suggests, it deals with analogies. My GRE score was pretty good (could be better though), but I could potentially do very well on a test like this.

Carissa and I got to hang out off and on throughout the week, which was nice. We had a bit of a heart-to-heart on Friday that lasted a while.

I am trying to be less inwardly focused right now. I am not sad right now, but a lot of my sadness comes about when I am too inwardly focused and not outwardly. I have been getting my introversion on the past few weeks. It has been getting pretty addictive not having to think about other people. I don’t know if I can be outwardly focused while spending a lot of time by myself. At the very least, maybe I can at least not be inwardly focused. I once read that extroverted people have higher rates of happiness than the more introverted. I believe this is due to not being deeply connected to a community. Depression is gaining ground in America, and I believe it is largely due to this.

I won a little, lost a little, won a little this week in poker. I came out enough on top just to keep things in perspective. I think I am done with poker for now. I had my phase, my kick, and it’s time to give up dirty money. The fancy rings and pretty ladies are nice, but so is have people not refer to me as C-Nasty (my poker moniker).

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