Robbie Seay

March 2, 2008 at 3:39 pm (Day to Day)

A group went to a Robbie Seay concert last night at The Door in Dallas. I was actually lured in by promises of seeing Matt Chandler before the concert. Robbie Seay was an afterthought. We were going to leave at around two, just in time to go to Chandler’s church (The Village) at five. The first problem occurred when a few of the people didn’t show up until two fifteen, only to go to Sonic to get food. The girl half of our fifteen (or so) person group was having some of their own problems, making it inconceivable for us to leave early enough to go to The Village. I had already scheduled myself to be gone for the day so I thought I might be missing out on some fun if I stayed in town. Everybody showed up, and we left a little bit after three. The drive down their was a blast. Other than Jesse Coffee and Michaela (Michaela was in the other car anyways), I didn’t know anybody else well. Most of the people go to Trinity. It was just us being guys, making jokes and having fun—the way guys get to know each other and interact. We ate at Rudy’s BBQ in Denton. We predicted the girls would react poorly since they were following us, making us the shot callers. They complained about not getting a say in the matter, while enjoying themselves on the BBQ. That reminded me of my basset hound, Tulip. As long as she thought something was her idea, I could get her to do anything. The girls liked the decision of eating at Rudy’s; they just wanted to think it was at least partially their idea. The day was so beautiful we sat on the patio at the big boy table. I’m pretty sure it was the table Paul Bunyan would sit at. I had a BBQ turkey sandwich. I don’t know why I bought it since turkey is not a particularly favorite of mine. It was probably the fact that I only eat it at Thanksgiving and Christmas, making it seem like a novelty. It was just as I remembered it to be, dry. I still wolfed it down. In order to get the taste of dry turkey out of my mouth, I decided I had better eat another sandwich. This time it was spicy chopped beef, and it was delicious.

We got to The Door right before the first band started playing. The parking lot Nazi held us up since our land yacht wasn’t precisely parallel with the yellow lines. Jared, backed up and went forward about five times before just moving to another end of the parking lot. The venue was nostalgic looking, for no other reason than it painted completely black, and their was a bar towards the back (ironically, it became a no alcohol venue but decided to keep the stocked bar). We sat at a table towards the front and hung out until the first band started. I don’t remember their name, other than it had three words to it. I thought the drummer was very creative but the overall sound wasn’t my favorite. The lead singer of the second band, Sparrow Fly, looked like Jesse Turp. only about fifty pounds heavier. Since Jesse weighs about 130, this guy still looked skinny. The guy’s facial hair was even the same. Michaela got a picture with the guy after the set as a souvenir. Despite the very creepy resemblance, the sound was too generic for me. The next band was the Rob Wilson Band. I was a big fan of the guy. His voice reminded me slightly of Claudio’s from Coheed and Cambria. The band’s sound was very tight, with the bass player being especially impressive. Jill Paquette was next. It was just an acoustic guitar. That’s all that was needed because her lyrics were so amazing. She is probably most appealing to the angsty college girl, but she is an amazing songwriter for everybody. She also had a very dry, sarcastic wit, which was shown through her lyrics and her commentary. The Robbie Seay Band was excellent. They did about a one hour set and made it easy to have a good time.

The going home part was a lot harder than the getting to Dallas part. Despite Jeff’s fancy GPS to help Jerrod drive, we got lost a few times and ended up taking H75 back to Ada. The girls apparently knew where they were going and told us to piss off as they went their own way home, beating us back by a whopping fifteen minutes. We got back at three thirty in the morning. Jesse Coffee, Jerrod, and Josh had to be up in just hours to get ready for worship at Trinity. I drove to work to check my schedule and was very unhappy at what starred back at me. I was scheduled to work Sunday night from 4:30-12:30, Monday morning from 5:00-9:00, Monday evening from 1:00-9:00, Tuesday morning from 5:00-9:00, and Tuesday evening from 1:00-9:00. That thirty-two hours. I agreed to switch shifts with a co-worker (who happens to be the husband of the assistant manager and creator of schedules) before I left for Dallas. I was going to trade my Monday afternoon shift with him and take his Sunday shift. I got both instead. I immediately texted Joe with the problem. The schedule reflected to me that he had no idea what was going on because there is no way he would approve a schedule like that. I wasn’t wanting to wake him, but he replied at four a.m. telling me he would deal with it. As of now, he did indeed deal with it. The assistant manager was just hoping I wouldn’t mind or notice the discrepancy. While it was dealt with, I’m still very irritated by the lack of respect.

From Friday to Friday I won $624 playing poker. That is roughly two weeks pay if I was working about thirty hours a week. Joe is well aware that I am winning so much and has even hinted to me that I quit the doughnut business if I keep it up. Nothing yet, but if I have over $2000 dollars in pure poker winnings this time next month, I will probably take his advice. He did send me a hilarious text message Wednesday night after I texted him about winning a big pot:

“I am worried about you and your new self indulgent anti-Christian lifestyle; littered with drugs, alcohol, prostitution, and dirty money. Gambling is the creation of Satan and is designed to systematically suck you in. Come see me and I’ll give you the opportunity to actually work for your money and feel good about the fruits of your effort.”


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