Boring Monday…minus some

February 11, 2008 at 7:51 pm (Day to Day)

I am sitting at the BSU, watching and listening to eight people laugh and have a good time. I have ear buds on with Sigur Ros’ Takk album playing louder than anybody else‘s voice can talk. Everything seems…infinite when set to the tune of Sigur Ros. Everything should have at least a hint of Sigur Ros ambiance in the background.

I was able to successfully end about ¾ of all girl drama. The remaining ¼ will just have to burn itself out. I am getting way too good at “having talks” with people, and they happen way too frequently.

The Journal is going to run my article, “Saving Darfur isn’t Sexy”. Thanks, Scott for the eye-catching title. I already have another article in mind, a satire on pretentious, indy culture and how it puts itself at opposition towards everything not pretentious and indy. Being on the edge of that culture, and knowing a lot of people fully immersed in it, it makes it fairly easy to point things that are satire-worthy without personally insulting myself. So, speaking of pretentious-indo culture, I was working on ways to increase my credibility as a pretentio. That’s when I started reading some Robert Frost poems. I have to be honest, I absolutely hate poetry and no amount of people telling me what a Good Read™ is can change my mind. Poetry is lyrics with no music, and I have a hard enough time liking music when I have to pay attention to lyrics. So poetry is everything I hate most about music. I can appreciate good poetry and understand what makes it good, but that doesn’t make me enjoy it anymore. I also don’t like sunsets though; they kill the day.

Yet again, I am thinking of new, post-graduate careers. Going to seminary and getting a degree in Biblical counseling is starting to catch my eye. Here’s some sociologizing; most majors have patterns of the kind of student that enters the program; English majors typically come from middle and upper middle class backgrounds and have higher-than-average intelligence. Teachers and nurses are typically working-middle class (job security). Social workers are typically the same. Criminal justice majors either have it run in their family or have had a run-in with the law themselves. Anyways, these are just example. Considering my background and the always-precarious family situations, it could have been predicted that I would counseling or social work—the type of people who want to fix their own world and background by helping other people. It’s nothing but projection. I would like to work in the church in some fashion but not as a pastor. Counseling could allow for that.

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