Honor who?

January 16, 2008 at 9:48 pm (Day to Day)

I’m at the coffee shop listening to the best conversation between a mother-daughter duo. This girl of roughly sixteen or seventeen years is sitting innocuously at a couch, reading her 40 Days of Purpose and sipping on her 12 oz. Cowboy (the drink). I take it there was some miscommunication on who was to be where at what time. Her mom thought she was taking her home, but the teenage drama queen insists on staying. It didn’t too long for the conversation to turn into “why don’t you just leave me the fuck alone?” “I fucking hate you!” That’s purpose right there—at least three or four days of the stuff. I went through the same fits of rage when my parents tried to pry me away from Rick Warren. She went back to reading her book, loving God all the day long (all the day long).


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