Quand Vous Mourez Nos Amours

January 10, 2008 at 11:29 pm (Day to Day)

I’m really encouraged by the first day of the new semester. Granted, I haven’t been to my Tuesday-Thursday classes. I want this semester to be really good get everything I can out of my classes. Dr. Bentel’s social psychology class is probably going to be my favourite. He got his master’s degree in social psychology so he’s very confident in his abilities. Nate is going to be in the class with me (he just enrolled in it today), making it an almost repeat group of friends from last semester when we took sociology of religion. Every Bentel class I have taken has been class discussion and quiz classes. This class is going to be different; it is going to be a take-notes-take-tests class. I am also taking his physical anthropology class. This isn’t a class I am particularly interested in, but I needed hours in some sociology class. As opposed to cultural anthropology (an Alford class) that deals more on culture and society, this class is going to deal very heavily with human evolution, both physically and mentally. I hate that this is such a touchy subject in a setting of what is supposed to be about ideas. I learned about Max Weber’s ideas on bureaucracy last semester and disagreed on a few of his points. I didn’t enroll in that class (sociological theory) just so I could argue with Alford on the merit of Weber’s ideas though. And even when student’s point out some inconsistencies with certain theories and theorists (B.F. Skinners repugnance with sociology yet being a staunch behaviorist, for example) we really didn’t care whether or not we were right. A few people in physical anthropology really seem to be in the class just so they can try to prove Dr. Bentel and the theory of evolution wrong. Now granted, questions like “If evolution is true, why do monkey’s still exist?” are barn-burning brain-teasers, but Bentel was somehow able to answer it. I sold my soul to Darwin at that point. Bentel has taught the class a few times and assured me that it doesn’t take long to get out of the arguing grove and into the learning.

Alright, now I have been to my Tuesday-Thursday classes. I saved this last night when things got busy.

D.J. and I did my Mike Huckabee video. It is not over-the-top hilarious, but it was still fun to make. It was an excuse to wear a suit and part my hair. Peoples’ reactions have ranged from “Oh, Rob…” to “good point” to “Rob, that’s sacrilege”.

After we got done filming it, we went up stairs to watch a true American classic, Pootie Tang. It is to movies as Aaron Carter is to music (which I listened to earlier). It’s fun because it’s so bad. It isn’t a movie to watch by yourself; in fact, depending on the group, it could still be no fun to watch. The opening “action” scene is one of the funniest scenes I’ve ever seen, with Pootie Tang dancing his way to the crime scene. A new couple joined in our reindeer games. D.J. and I were on opposite ends of the couch, as a buffer zone I suppose, when Sabrina and Brandon invited themselves in between us. One would have worked, but it got tight fast. This alone irritated me since there were equally uncomfortable chairs right next to the couch. They decided that stealing every atom of space wasn’t enough but decided D.J. and I wouldn’t mind if they started making out. I got up and sat on mentioned chairs. PDA doesn’t really bother me in small doses. A kiss hello or goodbye is kind of like, “Oooh, that’s so sweet!” But PDMAKINGOUTANDPRACTICALLYDRYHUMPING to say hello AND goodbye AND everything in the between makes people think, “do I really look that disgusting when I kiss somebody?” They left about twenty minutes into the movie, probably to go dry hump without the dry. Emily came along about halfway through the movie, and D.J. hyped the movie up enough to make her want to watch the full thing. So we restarted it. If this was any other movie than Pootie Tang, I would have resisted and protested the restarting of a movie, but I wanted to see that opening scene again. I still had my suit and tie on, and when Emily took notice she whispered to D.J. she has a bit of a PDsuitfetish (I‘ve always had my suspicions). This made the rest of the night full of underhanded, over-handed, side-handed, and even back-handed comments that were almost (read: were) flirtatious. I’m much more careful when it comes to girls these days, but it did make me remember how much in my prime I was last year at this time: the napkin girl, the experiment, the going from girl to girl with reckless abandonment and little concern for their emotions. Those were the days of Elijah (and booze and callowness). What I lacked in sobriety I made up for in pure charisma.

I only have two Tuesday-Thursday classes: social problems and methods and techniques of social research, 9:30-10:45 and 2:00-3:15 respectively. Social problems is a general education class that’s also a requirement for sociology majors. It should be an easy class. When in doubt of the cause of any social problem, it is the role of the sociologist to say, “In my professional opinion (I saw a Michael Moore movie once) that society is to blame for the…problems…of…soci…I don’t know, wikipedia it.” Research methods is not going to be a class I will look forward to. The time is inconvenient, and when it actually comes to applying what I know or have learned, I struggle at times. My human sexuality experiment last year would have never happened if I didn’t have a partner (not what you think) who was organized and made sure I stayed on top of things (not what you think). I want to do something like that this semester, but nothing really comes to mind.

After about a month of very healthy eating, I ate seven pieces of pizza today and about a dozen cookies. My bowels feel like they have been motor oiled. I weighed this morning at 173.5, so I’m not really ashamed of today’s binge eating. I just don’t want to get in the habit of saying to myself, “well, every once in a while is okay.” every Tuesday and Thursday at noon. It was easy to eat healthy over the break because there really weren’t that many temptations other than D.J. going to Taco Bell for fourth meal (at two in the afternoon). I didn’t really care that much variety, making it so easy to eat on about $12/week. It was nothing but high fiber oatmeal, high fiber bread, high fiber/protein pasta, high fiber cereal, high fiber snack bars that actually tasted really good, and regularly-fibered (none) skim milk. It will only be harder now that school has started because eating unhealthy will seem more convenient. Other than for Tuesday/Thursday lunches, that’s not even really. The hardest thing about this past month was boiling water and waiting ten minutes.



  1. Scott said,


  2. Rob said,

    Pssh. You don’t go to a bar and order a water, unless there’s gin in it. You don’t go to a Presbyterian church for an alter call (unless there’s gin in it), and you don’t go to a campus ministry serving pizza for the salad and carrots, UNLESS they’re on the pizza.

    I told myself if I was going to splurge, I was going to splurge like a champ and kick that pizza in the face! Rob-1, Pizza-0, Rob’s digestive tract- greasy with goodness (around a -2.25)

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