Very typical of a Friday in January

January 4, 2008 at 10:30 pm (Day to Day)

I have an idea to tangibly bring some of my memories from now until graduation with me to graduate school (wherever it may be). I am going to try and fashion of wallpaper of sorts from pictures taken on disposable cameras. Disposable cameras are $4.88 at the Wal-Mart checkout lane so it won’t be too expensive unless I get really picture happy. I have an idea of how I want it too look so hopefully it will turn out well. This might just be an impulsive idea that’s better to think about than actually do. Putting it together once all the pictures are developed is something I haven’t really put too much thought into yet. Anyways, taking the boring with me wherever I go. I’m not very creative at artistic endeavors like this so it may not work out well at all.

I’m on a high fiber diet lately. All poo jokes aside, there are a lot of benefits from it. Fibrous carbs are good for running, since they typically are complex and break down and convert to sugar a lot slower. This, as opposed to simple carbs that are rush and crash. It has also done a lot of suppress my appetite. I have gone from 170 to as high as 185lbs over the semester due to a crappy diet consisting of Taco Bell at one in the morning and lack of adamancy in my exercise.  Foods that are high in fiber tend to be very filling and generally healthy. It hasn’t been hard for my body to adjust to since I’m not ever really hungry. Save for some junk food cravings every now and then, it’s been an easy diet change. I’m also training for the OKC Memorial. I may not actually compete in it this year, but having something to strive for keeps me motivated to stay in shape. I don’t weight myself very often, but the last time I weighed, I was down to 178lbs. My diet was pretty on target last year during training, getting me down to 165lbs. I’m not as concerned about my weight as I am about my health, which was the best benefit from marathon training last year. My cholesterol was 96, blood pressure 111/68, and heart rate around 50bpm. So weight aside, I would like to be around the same health.

I am getting pretty excited for the semester to start. My class schedule is pretty “meh”, but it’ll be nice to be busy again with something that isn’t just work. Laptops have become more commonplace in the classroom, and I’m going to take advantage of that. I have horrible handwriting, and call me lazy, but it’s a lot easier to type out notes than it is to write them, making more incentive to go to class. Not all of my classes are take-notes-take-test classes—social stats for example—so it will not be completely applicable.

We lost one of our stronger fulltime employees at work this past week, making it a lot harder for the rest of us. One of the cooks has had a pretty dramatic past few months and has hit the bottle pretty hard at times. New Years Eve was such an occasion. He called Joe at around Midnight and sounded like such a stereotype over the phone, saying “I love you…” and so on. He was scheduled to work at 4:30 the next day and called in sick (hung over) a few hours beforehand. One of the problems with a small business is that every person is pretty important to making sure the system runs smoothly. If a checker doesn’t show up at a larger business, things can still run pretty well; if a cook doesn’t show up at the Donut Shop, things don’t get done. Joe is more than willing to work with an employee if it’s within his power. He tried to get somebody to cover for him, but it just wasn’t working out and had to come to work. He just didn’t show up, and Joe is very business-minded when it’s business related, not letting personal feelings get involved with a lot of his decisions. And so no more Chester. He’s had a bit of a drinking problem, but it’s never really affected his work. As terrible as it is, we’ve always seen it a bit of an endearing quality. “Oh Chester, he’s the perverted old man who likes to drink too much.” He was that guy. He’s been there for about a year and a half and there’s a change he could still keep his job. It affects me because there are more hours to be filled. It’s not a problem right now, but when school starts working thirty-five hour weeks just isn’t very desirable for me. Training doughnut people is terrible. The job has a very high turnover rate, and the quality of the products is very bad while they get the hang of it (if they stay). My schedule last semester, while slightly unpredictable, was great; work a lot of morning before class and one or two nights. It did interfere with a good night’s sleep if I didn’t schedule my time wisely, but school and social life were pretty good.

I’m going to try and make a parody video next week of Mike Huckabee’s “call from God” video found on my Facebook profile. I didn’t expect the fact that I thought the video was borderline blasphemous to upset so many people, but it’s only indicative of the company I keep. Not a bad thing, only very different ideology. I have access to a video camera and user-friendly video-editing software. It will basically feature a Mike Huckabee character getting another phone call from God that deals very personally with neoconservative politics. He dealt with the major of issues of how God called to tell him that He has family values as a high priority. He’s playing the morality card, and then talks about how God is on their side (if God took sides…). I want to take it a step further and just incorporate all of the menial and even not-so-Christian values into this video. It could be gold if done right. If I put it on Facebook, way too many friends might get offended that I’m upsetting their (and God’s) candidate. I’ll just risk it since I’m already considered a flaming liberal by a few people.

On a happy note, Caleb dropped some of his dramatics and is enrolling for the Spring. His parents are going to pay upfront, and he’ll just have to pay them back. He still has to live with them, but this is much more sane.


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