T’was the night befoe Christmas

December 25, 2007 at 1:18 am (Day to Day)

Christmas Eve services are absolutely terrible. I have never been to one that I remembered a week later. I really like David, but tonight could have been labeled “cliché Christmas Eve service” that would follow the same formula many other churches follow. Did anybody NOT sing Christmas songs tonight? Did anybody NOT have communion or read from the first few chapters of Matthew or Luke? If I only went to church on a Christmas Eve, I wouldn’t want to come back for another year, either. The body of Christ was stale tonight. It occurred to me during verse two of What Child is This exactly how convenient Butterfly Effect blackouts would be for a situation like this.

“Bladabladabladabla, remember the reason for the season. Bladabladabladabla about 2000 years ago something about a manger. Bladabladabladabla cannabis smoking hippies from the Persia smoking a pipe from Toppers. Bladabladabladabla. ”

Loves usurped Wal-Mart for the night. D.J. and I were hungry for some real food and knew Loves had a faux Subway. The Loves on Mississippi wasn’t making the sandwiches so we drove to the ghetto to quench our sandwich jonesen. I was still wearing my suit and half-expected to get mugged by a Christmas elf that was down on his luck since Santa laid him off after catching him drinking on the job. We saw the Indian version of Jay and Silent Bob standing against the outside wall. We got on our sandwich and then watched I Love the 90’s for a few hours.

I actually had material planned to write about, but then it got late.



  1. Scott said,

    Up in Enid we heard from John chapter 1.

    There was no Christmas story from Luke.


  2. Rob said,

    What?? How will the once-a-yearers know the story of Christ’s birth?

    Was it your parent’s church? Leave it to Wade Burleson to be dissident.

  3. Scott said,

    Baptists don’t have Christmas eve, silly… it was the church I grew up in (First Methodist in Enid). I have gone to Christmas eve at 11 pm for most of my life (except the past two years.)

    My parents have almost ditched the Baptists and are going to a small Methodist church my dad grew up in. My mom and dad are returning to their small town roots.

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