Jack Frost can suck on an ice sickle

December 22, 2007 at 5:50 pm (Day to Day)

I’m sitting at the Perfect Blend right now watching the snow flakes almost touch the ground and then decide otherwise, floating back up with some aid from the wind. There have been a lot of snowflakes throughout history; surely have been two to have been exactly the same. Besides, how can anybody actually know that no two snowflakes are the same? Touching snow flakes usually ends with a watery palm.

I went to Carissa’s house yesterday afternoon before work to hang out with a fairly large group of people. Anything involving her family is always going to be fairly large, simply because she is apart of a litter of seven kids. In addition to her family, Ada was there. A few other people I’ve only met once or twice showed up as well. We played Mad Gab for about half an hour. Event though Carissa completely owns at that game—she probably just has every single card memorized, having played it so much—we still lost by two points. I still don’t understand how some of the phrases were what they were. A card could say something similar to, “Eat wasp hun” and the actual phrase would be, “ We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” Afterwards we watched a comedian by the name of Tim Hawkins. He was surprisingly funny AND clean. He liked to parody songs on his guitar and still looks like he might be thinking the nineties are going to make a comeback. Still, pretty funny stuff. I didn’t get to stay but for about twenty minutes of it before I had to go to work. Mo money, mo problems.

Caleb is going through rough times right now. I knew he was having a bad semester, dropping to just six hours and getting the business from his parents and grandparents about it. Taking anti-depressants was a nice attempt by his doctor to put a band-aid on the problem. One of his classes didn’t drop, and he did horrible as it was, leaving him with a GPA not very representative of his intelligence. His dad, who is the kind of practical guy that gets a diet coke with his super-sized Big Mac, is refusing to pay for next semester’s tuition. Instead of taking advantage of ECU’s “pay whenever” policy, Caleb is deciding to take the semester off in order to work three jobs. He would rather pay for his tuition ahead of actually enrolling. That’s not necessarily bad, I suppose, but Caleb has a history of making very emotionally-snap decisions. Sixty-seventy hours of work a week may sound good in theory but having done it myself for two weeks straight this summer, it is very draining, turning your mind into a zombie. If he does go through with it and succeed, he’ll probably come out far more mature than going into it. I feel really bad for him right now, with a few different sociological theories (none mine) swirling through my mind on his behavior. Sociology usually doesn’t produce very comforting theories. On top of being financially cut off, his grandparents are also kicking him out. He moved in with them because his parents lived in Ardmore. After moving to Ada, Caleb decided to stay with his grandparents. His reason was for convenience. That’s suspect.

I’m still having doubts about graduate school. I want to go, there are no doubts there, but exactly which field is giving me fits. Sociology is such a depressing field. There’s a reason that roughly 90% of all sociology professors are non-theistic. Sociology is nothing but woe, the “social conscious” of society that is quick to point out injustices and put the good into the closet. Some of the articles in my gender and society class were a little bit old, some dating back into the 80’s. When discussing the articles in class, it’s so apparent that there has been a lot of positive progress. Stuff like that makes me hopeful, but sociologists tend focus on the next problem. I’m just a bit worried that pursuing sociology will cause me to become even more cynical than I already am. A lot of the people in my church are supportive of me. I am very conspicuous at church, the kind of lower-class, black, gay, woman found in Greenwich, Connecticut. I’m suffering from class consciousness, but I’m probably the only one which makes me feel better. My granddad is also supportive of me since he taught at Wisconsin-Madison for a few years. He wasn’t actually a fan during his tenure, but he respects the university for being among the best in liberal arts. Madison is a latte town, no doubt about it. The other option is seminary. I really suck at loving God sometimes and the bible speaks very bitterly against ministers who shouldn’t be. There’s also the option of attending just to learn church history and systematic theology and still end up teaching. It’s teaching, just not sociology.



  1. Scott said,

    I think you should seriously consider theology. You could check and see if anyone combines sociology and religion. I am sure that is out there somewhere, right?! A lot of folks at Asbury were working on a seminary degree and also getting a degree at the U of Kentucky (social work, I think.)

    What seems to be logical would be to get a Master’s at a Reformed seminary, and then a doctorate at either a neutral seminary or one that is not Reformed. Or you could take the plunge and get a Master’s at a non-Reformed seminary. Of course, I would recommend Asbury. But Duke is also a good choice.

    I could see you going to a Reformed seminary for the Master’s and then someplace like Union in NYC. Or Yale. Or Harvard. Obviously money is an issue.

    FYI – You will soon be able to get an MDiv. through St. Paul’s at OCU… that may be good as far as $ and living close to home, if that’s an issue. However, I can’t think of a seminary close to Ada that I would recommend. What I mean is – you are young and unattached so you should GO somewhere and not worry about living close to home.

    This business about loving God – don’t forget that David was a man after God’s own heart, and look at how upset he was at God at times, not to mention how much he sinned …

  2. tka821 said,

    ok..looks like i should have read this blog before i commented on the last…but i still can’t imagine ann and jim giving sweet caleb the heeve ho

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