Heart problems

March 11, 2007 at 4:04 pm (Day to Day)

I’m going to OKC to visit a doctor and have an EKG done. I gave blood at the beginning of February and was told I have an irregular, very slow heart beat. Last summer I had a heart beat of ~ 57bpm, normal with running considered. In February it was irregularly 48bpm, normal if I ran a lot faster than I currently do. I have already visited one doctor who believes it might be arrhythmia. It was also the same doctor who falsely diagnosed me with cancer last year, however. For now I’m going to go on with running. The only noticeable symptom is heart palpitations. I also get tired a lot easier. It can be controlled with medication or a pacemaker. I would prefer meds. So I guess I might have a broken heart 🙂

Tyler and I played some tennis last night for about forty five minutes. We could probably pass as Jupiter and Selena Williams, the forgotten-about sisters of Venus and Serena—if they were horrible tennis players. It was actually a really fun time. We improved as time went on, having some pretty good volleys but would have still been embarrassed has people who walked by stopped to watch us.

After tennis, we played some poker at the casino. I bought in for $60 and came home with just shy of $180. The players at the table weren’t very friendly and played very loose-aggressive, making me nervous. I only had to win two hands before walking away thirty minutes later.


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