March 8, 2007 at 3:06 am (Day to Day)

This part of my life is called the writing phase. I have written some short stories over the past few months and have become even more inspired since hanging out with Tyler. It is highly unlikely that I will ever be a published fiction writer; it’s unlikely that my friends will even like my stories, but it’s something that’s enjoyable at the moment. It’s so easy to get lost when writing (not physically misplaced), especially with a pen and paper. Writing is a great way to get me off of my running high after a nice long jog. I’ve been getting a lot of ideas in class and just write them in the margins of whatever notes I’m taking at the moment. This writing phase will probably be out of my system within a few months, but I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

Despite not working tomorrow evening, it’s going to be a long day. I work from 7:15-9:15, class from 9:30-1:45, short break, lab at 3:00ish, run, study with a friend, poker with the g-skillets, and then a late-night something or other that’s going to take about two hours. I’m looking to be in bed at about two at the earliest. My sleeping habits are either wickety whack or non-existence. I haven’t decided yet. Somehow, probably both. It’s two and I don’t plan on being in bed until at least another hour—if at all tonight.

So let’s talk about sex! No need since I’m such a prude!

Things are still great right now. Other than being tired a lot, I have this whole life thing down at the moment. I’m buoyant (not the floating kind) and always looking for more stuff. I suspect that it won’t last forever. One day I’ll wake up from some non-sleep and realize I haven’t slept in three days. Until then I’ll drop it like it’s hott. Spell check doesn’t recognize “hott”. Bill Gates is not down like a clown, Charlie Brown.

I’m thinking about shaving my head, leaving the beard, thus looking like a sexual deviant. Any comments?


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