In between classes and nothing to do

March 5, 2007 at 1:30 pm (Day to Day)

It has taken me about twenty one years to figure it out, but I have decided that fiction and non-fiction can be two means to the same end. After reading book after book of fiction, I started to notice that fictionalized work is a very creative way to express an opinion. Instead of saying, “I hate gay people” a fiction writer could write a story about a homosexual who died of AIDS. The narrator could be attending the funeral because he was dragged by his wife who happened to be a close friend of the gay guy. While the minister is conducting the funeral, the narrator might be thinking to himself what a terrible person this guy was, thinking of example after example of how he is the dregs of society. Tyler and I were talking about this last night. A person has to be all kinds of creative to turn their opinions and views into a readable story. Fiction doesn’t cram itself down your throat as much as non-fiction; you don’t feel as uncomfortable if you disagree with the author. It also has so much potential to be more insightful than non-fiction. Some of the best quotes are from fiction. Novels seem to be as much for the reader as they are the author—a way to express oneself and entertain (hopefully).

Yesterday was a long run, fourteen miles. Running towards Byng and back is pretty boring so I fashioned a new route just around Ada. I started with my normal loop, went up Oak Street, right on Main, left on Broadway, right on Lonnie Abbot, past Wal-Mart to Mona Vista, past the hospital, right on whatever street, left on whatever street until intersecting 18th Street. I stopped at this point because I saw Aaron Sumpter’s truck, along with an Aaron. He was doing some yard work. We talked for about five minutes before I went on my way down 18th Street, left on Stadium, past Ada high, left on Cradduck, right on 32nd, right on Broadway Ave, right on Kings, right on Broadway Blvd, and then home. Nothing spectacular happened other than running into Aaron.

August 25th there is an endurance event for biking called the Hotter’N Hell Hundred. It is held in Wichita, TX and is a 100 mile bike race. Registration is a very affordable $25. K.J. road in it a few years ago with his dad and really enjoyed it. I haven’t ridden since my “run-in” with the car. Hopefully running has put me in good enough shape to make biking easier. If not, I’ll probably just forget it.  


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