Many seconds to breathe

February 24, 2007 at 1:47 pm (Day to Day)

Yesterday was long, starting at 6:45 and ending about eighteen hours later at 2:45. Some highlights:

I am not going to have to drop biology; in fact, the class has been going very well so far, and it might be my favorite class. I like some hard sciences, but I have never been able to understand them as well as those who have a natural affinity towards them. I made a deal with a guy in class: he helps me in biology; I help him in modern western civ. Good tradeoff so far. Labs aren’t nearly as exciting as the lecture, but I have only skipped out on one lab so far. Labs were my biggest worry.

I got off work around eleven last night and started a seven mile jog. It was absolutely perfect outside. All of yesterday was perfect Rob weather. About five minutes in, it started sprinkling, cooling me off from the humid air. It was off and on the entire run. Without realizing, I have an unofficial playlist when I run this route, always starting with Beautiful Day, sometimes the Quincey n Sonan mix if I want to get extra pumped, and ending with 40, with a slew of songs in the between. There are certain songs that have to be played at certain times of my run, evoked usually by scenery that reminds me of that song. There was a shindig last night that I stopped by for a bit before ending my run. The host of the party was incredibly polite, offering to drive me home. There were only a few people I knew, but it was a good time, albeit a short one. Running is still going well, and I even found a running partner who is training for the half marathon in OKC. We don’t run the same distance; she usually meets me a couple of miles into my run, though she did run twelve miles with me on Sunday. She is a very good endurance runner and is expecting to run a seven fifteen pace when she does her half marathon, about 1h:35m, very impressive and much faster than anything I could do right now. Running with her is beneficial because she sets a faster pace than I’m used to, making the run much more intense and helping me with my own time.

Tyler lent me a copy of Slaughter House Five on Monday. The week has been so busy that I haven’t been able to even start on it. This is the weekend for it. Tyler speaks very highly of Kurt Vonnegut, giving me high expectations for the book.

I will be in OKC tonight and will stay the night. It’s going to be a fairly busy night.


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