A second to breathe

February 23, 2007 at 1:19 pm (Uncategorized)

Things are so good right now. Life isn’t perfect, but the rhythm of life has my feet dancing to a groove that goes uhn tiss uhn tiss. My body is tired most of the time, getting roughly five to six hours of sleep at night, but it is adjusting accordingly.

My social life is pretty bare at the moment as I am not really connected to a single friend group. There are a lot of friends that see me on a regular basis but mostly the situations are one-on-one activities. This has advantages and disadvantages. There is a lack of group dynamics, something greatly missed, but it allows me to go really in-depth with a few of these people. Well, this would be the case except I haven’t been making time for friends as much as I would like. There is poker with my chums, which is the best group situation I’ve been in for a while.

Despite some popular belief I am not dating a high school girl. Some know the oh-so-funny incident, but I put a quick stop to what could have been. The high school thing was very bothersome since most would agree that the maturity gap between the beginning and end of freshman year in college is substantial.

Drunkenness is no longer something that is fun for me to witness, especially when it involves people I know.

There is no girl hunting on my part for the moment. Even though the last few times I have been the hunted, not the hunter, I am going to make it very clear within the first few moments of meeting a new girl that singleness is being good to me for the time being. After my marathon I will be a little more aware and receptive of girls, but even then I will probably be pretty passive for a while. Compromising in qualities in a significant other is necessary (from personal experience is others’ experiences). I have thought about this off and on the past few days: I think I’m shallow in regards to relationships but not willingly. I want a serious relationship that will stick but have become downtrodden that it won’t happen that I have become shallow in order to deal with it. A shallow heart is not rewarded with loneliness…or companionship. I am on the last leg of my shallow stage since the newness wore off almost immediately after it was realized. To clarify, I do not think shallowly about woman.

The count for my sociology experiment (out of 25) is 19 male, 1 female, 76% and 4% respectively. More results after this weekend.

Work is fantastic. There is very little downtime, a huge benefit if you want the time to go by fairly quickly. Joe, the big cheese, said I lasted a lot longer than he thought. It was a compliment and insult in the same breath. I’m in it for the long haul. Despite long hours of standing up, it’s a great job.



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