Running what-nots

February 18, 2007 at 7:23 pm (Day to Day)

I got to run twelve miles earlier today. Instead of running the same loop over and over again, I made my way to Broadway and went towards Byng, only to turn around again. I stopped at Sooner Stop on my run back (right at mile 8) for some Gatorade. This was the perfect day for a long run. The light breeze was very welcomed and accommodated the sixty degree weather nicely. A few acquaintances drove by, some of whom honked, waved or yelled in support. A changed my form to compensate for my tender shin, running heel to toe instead on my toes. I feel sloppy running like that, but my shin gave me no problems. My knee on the other hand gave me fits the entire time. I ran on grass when it was available, helping ease the soreness. It was by no means unbearable and was simply a nuisance, effected by running a long distance. I completed the twelve miles in about an hour and forty minute, much faster than I anticipated and on par with my 3:30 marathon goal.


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