Pro Life?

February 16, 2007 at 4:14 pm (Day to Day)

When most people describe themselves as being pro-life, there are usually two exceptions: rape and incest. I am not a woman and therefore cannot have an abortion. I am unable to imagine the emotion and pain involved in such a tough situation, but this is written based on principle and standards, not emotion, following peoples’ rhetoric to their conclusions. Abortion in the case of incest and rape has always been something unconditionally accepted. On the surface they seem to make perfect sense; that is, until I tried to understand the reasoning behind it. I heard a statistic on the news the other day that about 60% of pro-lifers believes abortion is an abomination in all cases save for rape and incest.

Why do pro-lifers relax their view of life when it comes to rape? I just questioned this earlier today after reading an article by a woman who is pro-life. She, like most pro-life folks, believes that abortion is perfectly acceptable in the situation of rape. It is not a woman’s (woman=female capable of reproducing) fault she was raped; pregnancy was not something she had any decision in. She would have rather not been raped, not gotten pregnant, and not be obligated to give birth. It isn’t fair! This makes me believe that people are opposed to abortion, not because of any sympathy toward the life of a fetus and potential person, but because they would want people to take responsibility for their actions. It is not a matter of responsibility when somebody is the victim of rape; it is a cruel and life-changing event to experience. Because the woman is innocent of promiscuity and lechery, she does not have to stand trial before the court of her peers and plead guilty to bad choices. People are sympathetic towards this woman for wanting to have an abortion. This thought leads me to believe that people are simply vindictive towards the accused-irresponsible and use pro-life as smoke and mirrors. It isn’t about the unborn heart beating within the mother’s womb. How many of us have heard or used something along the lines of “if you make the decision to get in bed, you should make the decision to take responsibility of the consequences…”? That does not sound pro-life to me, only pro-responsibility. There isn’t an emphasis on the child but on the poor choices which resulted in the unwanted pregnancy. That’s a great political agenda and all, but let’s call it what it is, pro-responsibility. Basically, a woman can have an abortion if she is not responsible for the pregnancy. I guess rape and Immaculate Conception are the only two scenarios that come to mind.

Abortion is such a touchy subject. It’s easy for me to say I am pro-life but again, I am not a woman and don’t understand everything involved. Rationally, the above paragraph makes sense, but there are so many emotions involved with rape that making sense isn’t at the top of the list of priorities. I also have something to say on the pro-life view of incest. Perhaps that’ll be posted later.


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