Uhn tiss

February 12, 2007 at 1:28 am (Day to Day)

w00t, Tuesday begins the fun fun world of actually working with customers. From 7:15-9:15 A.M. you can see Rob “And His Doughnut” Inman in the drive-thru at the Arlington store. Everybody’s attendance is required to remain my friend. Oh yeah, I don’t know if tips are accepted, but bring those too…big ones, bigger-than-my-fist big. That doesn’t make sense, but be sure to bring cents. So anyways, working at the donut shop is still fantastic fun.

Running is going on hiatus until Saturday. This last week has been rough on my right knee, shins, and ankle. What was supposed to be a twelve mile run today, turned into two miles of grueling agony. “Manning” through it at the risk of long term damage is not smart. There are a couple of things that could help me out, grass and shoes. Running on grass is much easier on the knees; unfortunately, my current trail has very little grass to run on. Jacob might be able to help out with this since he is in cross country and tends to know grassy knolls. A pair of $90 shoes would also help. That’s a lot of money for shoes, but it’s wiser than spending the later years of my life in pain, possibly requiring surgeries on my knees. The pain in my shins is possibly shin splints, but I don’t definitely know. The pain is at the bottom of my shins and more towards the side of my leg. Hopefully a week off will help me out.

Sometime next weekend I’m going to Tulsa with a couple of friends. Our intentions are sociology-related with a side of fun.

Life group was really good tonight. The people who are attending are absolutely great. Here are some personal admissions that came as a result of tonight: I sometimes have a hard time leaning on others. There is a reason my cell phone is a foot within my ear and audible at night. If somebody for any reason needs to call me in the middle of night, I want to be sure to answer it. I am reluctant to do the same, however. There have always been friends at certain points in my life that were easily accessible (Jamie D., Mike, Tyler, Scott, Aaron, Lauren, Pip, Beach, Tiffany and Stephanie) that were kind enough to hear my rants, but there has always been a feeling of being ashamedness at having even the shortest conversations when something was wrong. My senior year in high school I called Jamie in the middle of the night immediately after Mike passed (three years exactly today) but that was it. Is it a pride issue? Maybe, or maybe it’s just a guy issue. Problems are still one thing I still keep relatively to myself.

Not everybody likes to argue for the sake of fun and argument. What I thought was just banter turned into a chewing off of my face earlier today. Bad call, Old Sport! Speaking of Old Sport, a lot of my friends have decided to read The Great Gatsby. At least four friends are reading it or have just finished it. I’ve been hanging out with the likes of Tyler, Aaron Sumpter, Zane, and Sam, with Jeff on the side. We’ve just been playing poker and hanging out a lot here lately. I officially suck at poker these days, but the $5 lost is much more fun than using it to watch the average movie.

In about a month Stephanie and I are going to Colorado Springs. There is officially room for two other people. You have to meet our requirements for cool though. Keep in mind, they are very staunch and only the elite will be accepted into our Magical Car of Cool.


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