The tables have turned

February 10, 2007 at 6:05 pm (Day to Day)

It finally happened earlier this afternoon. My goal has never been to run with such intensity that my breakfast ends up on the side of the track. This brings back memories of when the tall goof, trying to impress his girlfriend, tossed his cookies after attempting to sprint a mile. This happened when I first started running, a year and a half ago.

Today was set aside for speed training. I ran a good ~ 6.5 miles yesterday and was using today to take it easy before tomorrow’s long run. So to the track I went for 440’s (once around the track/quarter mile). I brought my stop watch to help me out. After a nice warm up mile at an eight minute pace, my plan was to do

One 440 @ 1:00,
One 440 @ 1:15,
One 440 @ 1:20,
One 440 @ 1:25,
Four 440’s @ 1:30

I would allow two to three minute breaks in between each. My first 440 was right at 1:02. Everything else was fine…or kind of. When I finished my third 1:30, I started getting dizzy and grabbed some water. My head started throbbing after my first gulp of water. I walked around a bit not feeling any better. Then it happened. I was not alone at the track; a college-looking girl showed up just minutes prior. She almost got in the way of my heat-seeking projectile vomit, having gotten the brunt of my morning’s oatmeal had I not motioned her to look out. Her soft, innocent-looking eyes turned into very large, circular wow-eyes. She offered her help, which was sweet of her, but there was nothing that could be done. After apologizing to her I drank the rest of my water and sat down for a minute. Defeated and humiliated, I ran another eight minute cool down mile and then had a nice chitty chat with the girl whose name I did not catch, technically making it a “one night stand” friendship or some such nonsense.


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