Cole me on the panny sty

February 9, 2007 at 12:59 pm (Day to Day)

Tyler called me yesterday to let me know he had some free books down at the store. They were older edition text books on personality. He also gave me, How to Win Friends and Influence People. It’s an old Dale Carnegie book that I started thumbing through this morning. A book on manipulation is what is what the back cover leads you to believe. It isn’t nearly as devious. So far it is just an out-of-date book on communication. There’s not much point to reading it since I own (and have read) an in-date book on communication. It is fairly short and entertaining so I might pick it up every now and then.

Stephanie and I were talking and have maybe decided that I am not nearly as introverted as days of yore. There are still some very introverted-like qualities about me, but large social situations aren’t nearly as bothersome. Being in the middle of conversation is definitely great, and having those several surface-level relationships to call up and hang out with is wonderful. There are still the close relationships of course. There was a birfday party for a couple of people tonight, and I made some social-situation observations: anybody can play the role of an extravert, making me realize that it is a false dichotomy to associate talkativeness with extraversion. There were a couple of very introverted people that were having a great time in a group of ten or so people. Many people who would normally be considered extraverted were off in smaller groups. Chuck Klosterman makes a fantastic observation in Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs saying that many genuine extroverted individuals think they are introverts and think they have to overcompensate because they are perceived as too quiet and reserved. The same applies to introverts: they believe they are extroverts so they shut their yappers so they are not perceived as being too talkative. I have gone through different phases on the Myers-Briggs test, starting my freshman year as an INTJ, going through an INTP stage, and have now surprisingly and unexpectedly tested as an ENTP. The extroversion was fairly close but still dominant. A person’s personality can always change, but I read somewhere that we are who we are in the early to mid twenties. Anyways, here’s to me being much more extraverted.

I have the genesis of what will become a man-beard of legendary status. A razor will not touch my face or head until April 30, the day after my marathon. I’ve never had long hair because it doesn’t really get longer; it just gets taller and stacks upon itself Marge Simpson style. My beard will make up for my hair’s shortcomings. Grizzly Adams himself will try to steal my beard.

The donut shop thing is going really well. The time flies by since there is hardly any downtime. I am definitely the odd duck of the group, but my coworkers are nice people and fun to talk to. It will take a few more days to fully get the hang of the donut-making process. No fantastic donut stories as of yet, but they’re bound to happen. I’m not going to be eating any donuts anytime soon—not because they’re disgustingly made, but being around the smell for hour after hour makes me despise the thought of cramming one down my face. Sausage rolls on the other hand…

This was saved last night. I have since finished the Dale Carnegie book. Nothing spectacular, but it was such an easy and quick read that I got my moneys worth.


Some news-worthy items:> Anna Nicole Smith dies.> Micro-mini Smart car coming to U.S. My only comment on this is that it only gets 40mpg and costs $11,000 for the low-end model. With a 1.0-liter, three-cylinder engine I was expecting upwards of 70mpg. Current non-hybrid cars get the same mileage and have far more space and are far more powerful.



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