Cooler than Miles Davis

February 4, 2007 at 2:31 am (Day to Day)

I have at least one other friend who shares this quality with me: do you ever feel like you are in a fairy tale? So many funny, random, quixotic bits of fortune smile my way to the point that I take them for granted. Every week I have another story. Is it my personality; that is, do I facilitate the whimsical? If so, it isn’t just in me but in other people as well. People are dorks, and the ones who are not are just plain boring. Who remembers junior high? Do you remember how everybody strived to be cool? The cool factor was defined by lack of uniqueness to be honest. There was a uniform standard for cool, and to dissent from that was to abandon cool. High school was much better, however; whether or not you were a dork, a jock, or popular mattered very little to most people. This was when everybody kind of accepted who they were and tried to be content with it. I continued to be a dork and loved it. College is different since the caste system is almost done away with. Popularity is foreign since there are so many people. The idea of coolness still exists, though. Dorkiness in high school translated into cool in college. If I were to walk into class Monday morning wearing my Rastafarian kind-of hat I got while in the Bahamas, blinky shoes, and pajamas nobody would think about it. I remember when Brendan wore nothing but pajamas for a week straight claiming to be the Highlander. That was incredibly legendary with Christopher Lambert himself wanting an autograph.

More than one person has told me that they have no idea what is going through my head, making time with me unpredictable. A lot of what we make of life is just a matter of chance, right? We can only try to control ourselves and our immediate vicinity of existence, and even that isn’t always within our own ability. I want my life to be adventurous so an effort is made. Being serious isn’t something that is alien to me as anybody who has known me for three months can tell you. I can be just as emo as any middle-class white kid but try not to stay in a smelly funk. There is definitely some random chance thrown around in the mix. I do think about what it would be like if my pixie dust dried up and somebody stole my leprechauns’ tails. That would make for a sad Rob.

I will continue making my effort for fun and dragging as many people along with me as I can.


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