And I would walk 500 miles

January 28, 2007 at 1:47 am (Day to Day)

The Proclaimers is a really fun band. I Would Walk 500 Miles is super duper.

I am going to fit into size 26 jeans after my butt gets chewed on tomorrow. The elder retreat was held this morning at FPC. There were emails, phone calls, reminders—everything in the world to let people know. I even put it on my dry erase board. This was not enough to help me remember, and I skipped out on a very important church function due a failure of the brain. Maybe they’ll all just say, “Oh Rob!” Highly unlikely, however.

Today consisted of some runnin’, some eatin’, and some…friendsin’? I ran 5.3 miles this morning around the neighborhood. It was such a good run and the weather was perfect. I ran in a hoodie, gloves, toboggan, and shorts. It was thirty five degrees, yes, but running kept the blood circulating and my legs quite warm. The temperature was never a problem for what amounted to be the perfect run (not to be confused with the Perfect Cheer). My time was excellent as was my form and breathing. One of the pleasures of running is that it has such a simple, nostalgic feel to it. It is absolutely free to do, and it is my time. My cell phone is there only in case of an emergency (read: kidnapping, rape, Kevin Federline), and there is nothing else to do but think. Tomorrow will be the longest run of my training so far, ten miles. I have run it many times before, with the previous being just before Christmas. It should be cake.

After running, eating ensued and then water in the form of a shower. Stephanie called me to hang out while she was on the job at Briles. It was a fun time with Jacob showing up to add to the hilarity. Stephanie and Ben have been running this past week and invited me to do so. I wasn’t exhausted from earlier and since it was only one mile, I agreed. We went to the park and ran around once. It was nice to run with people, as it has been many months since I played running with other kids. We took it fairly slow and enjoyed the quiet of the dusk. Ben and I went to Applebee’s and had hamburgers and digested a pretty good conversation. I went home and spent the remainder of the evening with Hannah. We went to the coffee shop, probably annoying the worker as well as the other customers in our vicinity, and then to moseyed to her apartment.  At one point there was quite a large gathering of people there. She went to South Eastern the past two days to visit a friend and had a lovely time apparently. We caught up on the weekend and discussed things and had a generally pleasant time together.  

It is nearly one in the morning, and I have church tomorrow. However, instead of doing the responsible thing and sleeping, I am staying up to watch Luther. How nerdy is that? If I was spending the night doing heroine or involved in some other wild behavior it would be more acceptable. Alas, I am watching a dorky movie about Martin Luther and his reformation. It’s an amazing movie, by the way.

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