Back from the dead

January 26, 2007 at 4:55 pm (Day to Day)

Here’s to blogging again.

School is not going to be cake this semester. It is going to be extremely time consuming, and it is going to be tough. I went against my lazy instincts and bought the books for my classes this semester (plus one actually…) and have done an adequate job of staying ahead of the reading assignments. On top of this, there is my experiment that is finally able to be performed this semester. Good news there, especially since it is being done for three hours credit.

I reread <i>A Stranger in a Strange Land</i> this past week. Read it, and if you do not like it…your head will be on a poll right next to Johnny Cash and Matt Damon’s for your lack of taste (Johnny for his bad taste in music, and Matt for his bad taste in…life).

There will be much gathering tonight, as well as much ado about nothing, at Jeff’s with Nathan “Xavier” Sweeny and Jeff “Scott Fitzgerald” Carpenter himself. I saw him the other day driving around for The Man, possibly Eugene Levy. We had a brief conversation that led to the verbal destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah . Or it might have been that sodomy led to gonorrhea. Anyways, there will be some Family Guy volume four just like the good ol’ days. There will also be no girls, just like that Good Ol’ Days. Girls would be unable to handle the amount of manliness present anyways and would likely get pregnant just from our presence—and something about presents. It is for their own protection. It’s the kind of protection you don’t get from condoms, only from abstinence or absence, but not from absinth since that would be highly unscrupulous.

So I miss some of my friends from back in the day. Not from so far back in the day that I could call it the days of yore, no; just back in the day like the summer. Summer girls come and summer girls go, says the wisdom of LFO, but Beach and Pip aren’t girls—they were good friends, resolute in friendship and supportive. The mindset I have so meticulously been led to believe is there are hard feelings. Maybe there are none. Disagreement is fine, but it would be nice to look past that. They might be incredulous of approaching me. That is understandable.

I went to OKC last night with Hannah to see <i>The Temptest</i>, held at Stage Center. She went for class credit. I have not read the play, but it was only so-so. The production value was not the best, though the acting was very good. It was highly underpublicized with less than fifty people showing up at the already-small theater. The acoustics weren’t very good, making it hard to hear at times when the actors’ backs were turned away from the audience. Hannah and I both fell asleep somewhere after intermission for a couple of minutes. It is not a play I would have seen had it just been me, but the trip was salvaged by Hannah’s company. I also met her dad and step-mom, and went to IHOP at Midnight thirty. The place was mobbed by high school students up past their bedtime. Heck, it was past my bedtime; I was exhausted on the drive home. Hannah slept while Jack (not Daniels. I hear that guy is a creep) Johnson kept me company.

Marathon training is going fantastically well right now. I have lost five pounds in the process, mostly water weight, and feel great. My miles are getting faster, and I am able to jog longer. Speed work tuckers me out in the good way. The feeling of giving it your all is rewarding even if your heart is about to explode. My 3:30 time goal is attainable but will also be challenging. There are a couple of online and offline resources helping  me out.

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