Dear Diary

November 27, 2006 at 6:33 pm (Day to Day)

I bought a journal yesterday as well as a fancy pants pen I intend to use only while journaling. Slightly stoopid I spose. So far I have taken it with me just about everywhere, or it has at least been available, in case I want to jot something down really quick. I have written so much in just a short time, perhaps just because it’s new. It is different than blogging for a couple of reasons: 1) I am writing to no audience. Problems could only arise if it got stolen. 2) Because I am writing to nobody, I get to say things I wouldn’t normally get to do. 3) I can write almost immediately. It isn’t as reflective as it is during-the-action. I used to journal instead of blog, then journal while blogging, then strictly blog,  and then not-so-much blog. It’ll be fun to journal again. I like to write, but blogging has worn itself out, and I just don’t like to do it anymore.



  1. Tiff said,

    do you have a super secret blog that you have not shared with me??

  2. Rob said,

    No, I just strictly journal these days, plus some random notes on facebook.

  3. Tiff said,

    that is SO not fun

  4. Scott said,

    good thing Rob gave up blogging or we wouldn’t know all about his running adventures…

  5. Rob said,

    True story

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