Jesus fingers

November 26, 2006 at 5:57 pm (Day to Day)

I might update later, but this conversation was one of the funniest I have had in a long time. Just some background: Sarah was raised Presbyterian but started going to the Roman Catholic church when she was about sixteen. We stumbled onto the conversation of churches, somehow finding our way to Baptists.

Me: So have you ever even been to a Baptist church?

Her: I’ve been to Victory Life Fellowship once. It’s like a Baptist church, right?

Me: Never heard of it. What’s it like?

Her: It’s really weird—they have drums and do this (*she raises her hands and does happy fingers…or as I now call them, Jesus fingers*)

Me: *laughs for literally the next three minutes.*

What made it so funny was the fact that she was incredibly sincere and genuinely confused. She wasn’t trying to make fun; she thought it was actually strange and had no idea what was going on.


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