Rob Classic

November 3, 2006 at 12:58 am (Day to Day)

I went to the on-campus counselor on Monday. Despite the circumstances, it was a wonderful experience. It was very low pressure, non-intimidating, and very beneficial. She put some perspective on things and gave me practical advice and tips on how to open up. I am an introvert, and that does have a certain kind of effect, but that can never be excuse for not allowing people I chose to get to know me. It will take some time for it become natural, but with some effort things will be much smoother in current and future relationships with people. I made the counselor laugh at one point unexpectedly. I told her that I wasn’t always like this (high school) and that I think it is an outcome of a major tragedy in my life. That’s not what she laughed at by the way. I told her that that was Rob, I am currently New Rob, but I want to become Rob Classic. She is old enough to get the Coke reference. She said I didn’t need to go back if things get better for me. I’m going to give it a month and go back regardless, either to tell her that things are going well (the preferred reason to go back) or to explain that there’s still something wrong. I think the former will happen.

Maybe one thing that may prohibit my opening up is over blogging. At its apex, people knew me better through reading my blog than through day-to-day contact. Because my life was so on-display on the internet, it might have made a tad exhausting to lead a double life—one online and one offline; while exactly the same, I put more effort online. I can’t use this excuse for the past year, however.

Monday was just an eventful day. Before I went to the counselor I made a new friend (happy dance!) as I roamed around on campus. She is actually somebody I went to high school with—a sophomore when I was a senior. We never spoke. I met her once over the summer because she was with some other people I knew. We had a forty-five minute conversation on Monday which resulted in a small group movie that night. Last night we went to Chili’s, got coffee, and went to the park. I’m trying my “opening up” thing on her. It was a slow start, but I am starting to warm up to the idea. Tonight we had coffee and went to the park. She is a lot like me personality-wise. She is very introverted and reserved, and I am pretty darn sure she is a thinker, not a feeler. This makes me able to relate to her easily. She is a girl, though, so it isn’t like I’m friending Richard Dawkins. I don’t mind emotions at all, but I just cannot relate to extreme amounts of the stuff on a regular basis.  She’s very cynical and sarcastic. Sounds like a sweetheart, huh? She can actually be pretty warm, though. I know of at least one cute nuance she has: she is terrible with a lot of technology. She can text message, however, and that’s good enough for me. If I have a hankering desire to build a robot, she’s probably not the person to go to.


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