October 29, 2006 at 3:43 pm (Day to Day)

So I feel better today. I started the day in a smelly mood (yes, smelliness can be a mood!) actually. You know what made me feel better? Facebook of all things did the trick for me. Not perusing through friends’ profiles; it was a will-you-be-my-friend message I sent. It wasn’t anything overly clever but it was to a person I’ve been running into over and over without saying anything but hello. Now to do my analyze every last detail thing.

This makes me realize (something I told Tyler yesterday) that I strive for relationships with people. In-depth (preferably with one or two people) or no-depth, I enjoy people. The problem is that I like them only to the point where I want alone time. That makes me appear either unfriendly and fickle or constantly moody  (with them).  I have a bad habit of leaving social situations very abruptly. I would like to stop this.

If I do get counseling, the focus would be why I distance myself from people and how I can alleviate it. I am a bit skeptical of certain kinds of counseling, but I think I can benefit from it.


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