A nonsensical stupid

October 26, 2006 at 7:43 pm (Day to Day)

It will be one year this weekend since I bought my $30 pair of Avia running shoes. They have been through some hundreds of miles—the same 2.8 mile course that has proved reliable and quiet. They haven’t exactly worn out in the sense of day-to-day wear, but their resilience for running has finally reached their dusk. It is actually many months past due for their retirement to either a clothes closet or Salvation Army. During the summer my feet started getting callused; not just callused, but even blisters and cuts started appearing. One way I tried to resolve this was to wear either thicker socks or multiple pairs of socks. This failed to cure my aching feet of feet terrorists. At one point there was a cut right where my second toe on my left foot met the foot, making it excruciating painful to walk and had me limping around like a man who had a battle wound from war. I had to take it easy on running for about a month for it to properly heal. Because I am not running every single day, my feet are still available to public showing without embarrassment, but the skin will get irritated in distinct locations after each run. As well as making my feet baby-butt soft, lotion helps lessen the soreness.

I went to the wellness center this evening to lift weights. It’s been since the summer since I touched a free weight. I only digressed in weight on a couple of exercises. I like the science of weight lifting—both the exercises and the what leads to muscle gain—but other than being able to lift heavier objects, I’m not sure there is much of a health benefit to it; in fact, it’s probably murder on the heart since it’s purely anaerobic and your heart rate goes from a resting state to upwards of 90% of your maximum heart rate so quickly. Doing some quick warm-up exercises can probably cure the “shock” on the heart, however. Regardless, I don’t enjoy weight lifting nearly as much as I do jogging, and without a partner I lack motivation, so it seems more of a chore. This means I can only doing for periods of time before getting burnt out.

I have a $103 fine at the university library. I simply forgot about having books checked out until I tried to check out new ones. If I return the books, I will only be subject to a $30 processing fee ($10/book).  Apparently the librarian can be bargained with for first time offenders. I will have to hope this is true when I speak to her tomorrow.

Attraction is something that is curious to me at the moment. Not so much physical, but everything else involved. I am trying to find some sort of study on the subject but am unable to locate one. Perhaps friend Alford has some suggestions and can guide me to a completed experiment. I am not so much wanting a book (if possible), just a thorough study. Obviously, human-to-human relations are something that interest me. Gender differences also fascinate me. I have read a lot of nature differences and also bought a used book on nurture as a more outstanding factor for behavior differences in gender, though I have yet to get around to reading it. If observing people was a major, I would get my PhD  in it and be the Albert Einstein of the field. I have a myriad of ideas for experiments and studies, but I lack organization to fully and successfully carry them out. I need somebody equally interested in the field as I but with superior organizational and administrative skills. I can do all the research in the world (something I actually enjoy) and come up with ideas, hypotheses, and conclusions—all while typing page after page—but I just lack something that should tell me to “go test it!”


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