It’s just trash in the wind

October 25, 2006 at 9:56 pm (Day to Day)

The Christian forum I frequently visit ( has been down here recently. I have been exploring some others just for funzies. is one in particular worth mentioning. I was once much more conservative than I am now (more so politically than theologically), but the community on this board absolutely blows my mind. Politics is often intertwined into a lot of the topics, and the majority of the member make me look like Hilary Clinton (minus the ovaries of course…). I have especially been enjoying the topic titled, “So You Still Think Democrats Are American?” It is also very hard to be a democrat and a Christian, apparently. A lot of very very conservative Christians on that board.

My first American colonial test has been pushed back until Friday. This has been a trend for the past two weeks. I would like to get it over with so I don’t have to keep restudying for it. It’s starting to be a lot to take in since I also have to keep up with the new material. I made an 87% on my world history test. The professor doesn’t hate me as much as I thought. I did a thorough job on my first book review so I am not that worried about the class. I enjoyed the first book required for the class and the others look equally as interesting, despite them being war-themed.

I definitely underestimated somebody I had not talked to in about a year. I was sitting in the halls of Horace Mann waiting to talk to a professor when she walked by to say a generic hello. This is the only kind of contact I have had with this person since about this time last year. We exchanged how-is-class-going’s and made our way to some real conversation. I didn’t give details, but she knew something was the matter. She told me we could hang out and talk sometime. I’ll take her up on the offer and grab coffee when things settle down. I won’t get into the intimate details of things simple because there is no real point, and I am still a little dazed that she, somebody who has a right to dislike me above almost anybody else, was very polite and sympathetic to me. I immediately added her on Facebook with a message thanking her for her kindness and admitting that her unconditional generosity was very dubious. She responded with a very positive and reinforcing message that can be summed up by, “let the past be the past.”

I strongly recommend American Beauty. I also strongly recommend Bonanza, but only in the presence of a grandma who thinks the lead man is the most wonderful thing on earth. The Prestige is also a great movie, despite some of the twists being a bit predictable. I do not, however, recommend Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning unless cliché hack and slash horror movies are your thing. You know what I mean—the suspenseful music that is supposed to lead to some action but actually doesn’t, and then the lack of suspenseful music and the sudden sound of “duhhhhhhn” that indicates a “scary” moment.

One last thing—no matter what you think of what I’m saying, remember this one thing: there is no sex, in the Champagne Room.


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