Quotes from and about U2

October 19, 2006 at 11:20 am (Day to Day)

Brought to you by Steve Stockman’s Walk On

“Many have been so obsessed with the cigar hanging out of Bono’s mouth that they are missing the radical biblical agenda that has fired his life and work.” –Steve Stockman

“U2 was not the result of such a healthy music scene. It was the cause of it.” –Steve Stockman

“One other thing you should know…we’re all Christians.” –Bono

“For many years the band members said that their faith—not their rock n roll lifestyle—was the real rebellion.” –Steve Stockman

“The central faith and spirit of the band is the same. But I have less and less time for legalism now. I just see that you live a life of faith.” –The Edge

“I want it all, and I want it now. Heaven on earth—now—let’s have a bit of that” –Bono

“To me, faith in Jesus Christ that is not aligned to social justice—that is not aligned with the poor—it’s nothing.” –Bono

“I go to America and turn on my television set, and I start sweating profusely because those guys have turned faith into an industry. It’s appalling.” –Bono

“Religion has torn this country apart. I have no time for it, and I never felt a part of it. I am a Christian, but at times I feel very removed from Christianity.” –Bono

“At one time, I thought you had to have all the answers if you were going to write a song, so it was embarrassing to make a record that was filled with doubts and questions.” –Bono

“Dream up the kind of world you want to live in. Dream out loud at high volune. That’s what we do for a living.” –Bono

“All I have is a red guitar, three chords, and the truth.” –Bono

“There are a lot of people a bit puzzled, to be honest, about what we are up do and what we are trying to do.” –The Edge

“The was the theme of the whole shebang—to expose modern culture and let people see the shallow nonsense that it was.” –Steve Stockman

“I went looking for spirit and found alcohol; I went looking for soul, and I bought some style; I wanted to meet God, but they sold me religion.” –Bono

“U2’s postmodern worldview allows mystery and confusion to sit alongside faith.” –Steve Stockman

“It’s lukewarm believers that drive me out of the church.” –Bono

“Once again, U2 did the emotional—not for show, but for ministry.” –Steve Stockman

“U2 may have often had their heads in the sky, but their feet were always very much in the mud.” –Steve Stockman.

“The revolution in happening in your house, in your purse, in  your wallet…shopping is politics.” –Ali Hewson (Bono’s wife)

“We have the cash, we have the drugs, we have the science—but do you have the will to make poverty history?” –Bono

I’m not often so comfortable in church. It feels pious and so unlike the Christ that I read about in the scriptures.” –Bono

“U2 has been a good example of people living lives in the reality of the gospel” –Dan Haseltine

“Possessions are a way of turning money into problems. I don’t have anything that I’d miss if it got stolen.” –The Edge

“In U2’s music you hear the spirituality as home and as quest. I believe this is a big part of what’s kept their band together all these years.” –Bruce Springsteen


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