Java haze

October 10, 2006 at 12:09 pm (Day to Day)

Here’s a post from last Tuesday that I just remembered I had. The internet wasn’t working at the time.

I started the beginning of a book this morning at about 9:15. The first chapter was so grabbing that it was worth skipping class to read a couple of chapters. The new coffee shop, Java Dave’s, advertised free coffee through October 4, and I decided to take advantage of what would otherwise cost about a buck fity. I took my book, MP3 player, and body to the coffee shop. The offer had actually expired yesterday. I had no plans of spending $1.90 on a grande cup of coffee, but the employee (a former Cake Box employee as a matter of fact) explained to me that if I get it for there, I get to drink it out of a snazzy coffee mug with unlimited refills. I sat down for the long haul. I fired up my music and started reading through cup after cup of coffee.

By about cup number four, my brain started throwing a party; I was getting incredibly lightheaded and a little bit “buzzed” from what I conjecture was the caffeine. Conventional wisdom told me to stop right there and leave. Conventional wisdom has nothing on me, and I wanted to see exactly what would happen if I continued drinking large mugs full of coffee. It was just before Noon, and I was starving. I finished mug number nine and decided to head to the BSU for lunch. I stood up to a spinning world. My body was overly-relaxed, and I could feel my heart beat (heart palpitations). My curiosity was quenched but at the risk of my short-term health. I drove to campus with delayed reaction time and made it over the BSU just before Noon thirty. There were some strange casseroles. People will combine the most nonsensical foods together to create casseroles. I’m talking something along the lines of sushi and cheesecake casserole. Perhaps not, but that’s what it seemed like. I finished eating with my caffeine overdose symptoms only worsening. I stood up and verbally announced, “I have to go vomit!” I ran to the bathroom and outputted what seemed like three gallons of coffee, my breakfast from the morning, and my just-ingested casserole. After ten minutes, I left my previous four hours in the toilet and came over the UCM to relax and watch Food Network.

I’m just now coming off of my caffeine high and am feeling a little exhausted, despite a wonderful sleep last night.


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  1. Tiff said,

    I could have gone my whole life and not needed to hear that story…ick

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