How does Meredith Grey not have an STD?

September 29, 2006 at 10:42 am (Day to Day)

If I was to do American colonial history, I would make it much more interesting than what the Spanish, French, and English did. Instead of the French fur trade, I would make it the French Für trade; you know, that water filtering system? The Algonquians didn’t really have bad drinking water, but it would still be nice to get a bucket of snooty water from the well. Evian river water, perhaps. The French had a clever way of trading with the Native Americans: they would first get them good and liquored up and then trade  more alcohol for furs. I would trade them more alcohol for their souls. There’s nothing like a good Huron soul to take back to Europe and put on your shelf and show off to the neighbors. Ol’ Pierre would get upset that Francoise had a pet Indian soul. You know, in a season two episode of Grey’s Anatomy, a follower of an East Asian religions refused to have surgery because she believed one of her souls was missing. She had a shaman (not sheman) come in and find it for her. She got it back, had the surgery, and went on her way. How convenient would it be to have an extra soul in case yours went missing?  Actually, the Courier Du Bois weren’t too bad to the Indians; they would intermarry and value their wives far more than European culture.

This is what I am learning in American colonial history. I enjoy the professor’s lecturing style and passion, but I just cannot get into the subject matter. I don’t moan and complain, though, about going to class. Some of the books we’re reading are pretty fascinating, but American history is barely more exciting than New Zealand history.

Ever since school started, people have told me that I either look good or look a little underweight. On paper, my weight is fine, but I think I am going to try and gain five or ten pounds, preferably in muscle. This means going on a healthy weight gain diet. Donuts don’t cut it. Depending on my dedication (which isn’t great I admit) I might be able to pull it off ten pounds in a month. It’ll probably be somewhere like seven or eight pounds of muscle and a couple pounds of fat. It’s almost unavoidable to gain some fat. I’m not really too worried about my eating habits/looks at the moment; I’m content, but I hate being the person who has people looking over his shoulder when he eats, and especially when he doesn’t. I blame it on the skinny super models that set this really high standard for young, impressionable twenty year old men like me. It’s just too much!

Class is going great. It was last semester that I realized that my goal of class is no longer to get an A or a B; I actually want to learn something. I am a good test taker, but I felt like I cheated myself in couple of classes last year by just concerning myself with the grade and not the knowledge obtained. So I’m reading my books, going to my classes, and taking in depth notes. I think I’m going to be all right this semester.

Grey’s Anatomy is a guilty pleasure of mine. I love it and hate it at the same time. I think Meredith Grey needs to buck up and gain twenty pounds. The only time she is ever happy is whenever her love life is going her way. Last night she gets the option of choosing between two guys and instead of making a decision, she exploits the situation by making the joust for her love. She complains and whines and instead of making things simple, she just opens herself up to more “heartbreak” and more drama. We all have problems. Her friend’s fiance died, and instead of really comforting her, she goes and has sex with Sheperd, the other guy, and probaby Ronald McDonald. I think she’s self destructive and looks like she’s seventy five year olds. And why would either of them want her? She is more downtrodden and emo than a middleclass white kid who has everything he could ever need. I totally just blogged about a television show.

This weekend is going to be wonderful and consist of my butt on a couch.


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