Five days later

August 25, 2006 at 5:03 pm (Day to Day)

The first week of school is finished. As always, class is maybe half of what makes school “school”. The UCM was one of my primary focuses this week. We stayed relatively busy all week, starting with the movie showing on Saturday, the school-wide welcome back party on Sunday, our first official UCM gathering on Wednesday, lunch on Thursday, and game night later tonight. I have very high hopes for this semester, both number-wise and, more importantly, quality-wise. There are even rumors that we have attracted girls! I believe part of that can be contributed to the fact that our building doesn’t smell like Mexico; in fact, it smells very nice. This can be a very busy semester with a myriad of opportunities to know Christ and make Christ known: worship, bible study, religion study, bible reading, scripture memorization, missions opportunities, and involvement with worthwhile social causes just to name the activities off the top of my head. I’m still getting used to the idea of me being an intern, being confused about some of the jobs I am required to do, but I think I am getting the hang of it.

Though Barton is not teaching my colonial America class, it is still going to be good—or as good as American history can get. Professor Means is a motivating lecturer and has a confidence that comes only from loving what he does and the material he is presenting. Social problems is going to be a “meh” class and probably the first sociology class I am not going to be particularly fond of taking. This isn’t Bentel’s fault, however. The class itself is just relentless to the attention span. Comparative cultures, on the other hand, is fascinating. Aaron is in the class, as well as a girl I met in death and dying. The class sparks a lot of dialogue and questions, which is wonderful to participate in.

Not much else I really want to talk about. Most things are excellent right now. That might change in about an hour though. I might blog up a really bitter diatribe about how much I hate women later tonight. Hopefully the outcome to this month-long-nearly-secret situation won’t require it, though.



  1. Tiff said,

    How you hate women???? or how women hate you 🙂

  2. Rob said,

    Since you insist on telling half of Ada about it, probably the latter at this point. Girls tend to band together to form mafias whose sole purpose is the eradication of a guy’s ability to ever be in another relationship again. I imagine there is already an anti-Rob website out there. 😀

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