School’s dawn

August 21, 2006 at 11:51 pm (Day to Day)

The committee meeting last night went much better than the session retreat. I enjoy the people on my committee; they seem genuinely interested in the affairs the committee deals with. The meeting itself was about two hours long and included Progress. After reading through the annual report of the former missions and ministry committee, I realized that a lot goes on that I just didn’t know about. First Presbyterian does indeed care about the hungry and the poor. A lot of people are simply unaware.

Today was the first day of class and boy was I in rare form. I swear there are some days when practicality doesn’t even cross my  mind. I missed my nine o’clock class due to parking troubles on campus. So I went the UCM and then checked out a lot of the booths for Free Stuff Day. This is where I get a lot of my school supplies, primarily pens and notebooks. I also sign up for all the free giveaways. I think the funniest booth was from Life Community. They were giving away free tickets to an already free movie they were showing. Shady business right there…  I walked into the wrong class for social problems. I sat down and hung out with the sign language class for about fifteen minutes before making a scene and walking out. Dr. Bentel is my social problems professor. I have never had a class with him but have heard plenty of stories about his character and politics but not so much on his teaching style. The class won’t be bad but will require a lot of reading. I talked to Dr. Alford about my experiment after lunch. He was very excited about it and offered me so much valuable advice and ways to make it effective. He advised me to present my results at a couple of upcoming conferences if I get done in time. Not only does it look good on a résumé but it could also get published. One step at a time of course.

My Tuesday/Thursday schedule is a little more scattered. I get to start my day off with comparative cultures. Alford is teaching the class, and he said the student composition is pretty good. He is anticipating a good class. I get to end the day with world history from 1919-1939 at 3:15. This class can go so many ways, but I am hoping for the best. Add some choices in wellness in there and that’s my day.

A couple of people made some signs advertising the cookout on Wednesday. I even learned how to draw a hamburger with raw meat, lettuce, and tears that were supposed to be sesame seeds. You know, I was the kid in art class who got told, “at least you tried your best…” I just cannot draw, but I still made it unique to me. To add a bit of humor, I added, “Not a cult.” to one of the posters. This was endorsed by a drunk looking Oprah picture, but the world will never know. On another sign there was a borderline racist comment coming from an angry looking Samuel L. When is that man not angry, though? We put our signs up on campus and headed back to the UCM.

I ate La Fiesta with a friend and then came home to call it a night.


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