Summer’s dusk

August 20, 2006 at 11:41 am (Day to Day)

My first foot into Presbyterian politics went down yesterday when I attended the elder retreat. It was a long session, lasting from nine a.m. until about three fifteen. I know they cannot be avoided, but church politics can be ridiculous at times. Anytime you gather about fifteen people and discuss the church, everybody has something to say and hardly anything gets done. In all fairness, we did get a lot accomplished. We consolidated the committees into six, and we laid out some solid short-term goals. I am co-chair of the missions and evangelism committee and have my first meeting tonight. Among other things, this committee deals with the UCM and other outreach programs. I am currently praying for some sort of guidance and will be relying heavily on the experience of the senior elder (Jo) for direction. This is something I would like to do whole-heartedly and not halfway.

It looks like the house has fallen through. After getting frustrated with all the problems of the house and lack of concern by the landlords, Kent has decided to stay in Vanoss. It’s also inconvenient timing for Nick which just leaves Jonathan and me. Two people living in a four bedroom house isn’t very intelligent and looking for roommates to fill the gaps is living a little too much on hope. Everybody has housing covered, but Jonathan was relying on this. He should have it temporarily covered, but he’s going to start looking for a new place starting tomorrow. I told him that I would still be willing to live with him if we could find a place for the two of us.

Even though I am still researching for my gender experiment, I am thinking about typing up a questionnaire to administer beforehand to get a good sample of what people think about sex (on paper anyhow). This will help me draw a hypothesis to experiment upon. I have a good idea what questions will be included, but I really wish I had the advice of a seasoned sociologist.

Friday began a long list of UCM activities to kick off the semester, starting with the feeding of the band. I didn’t attend it, but I hear it went well with about seventy showing up. Yesterday was move-in day at the dorms and as tradition dictates, the UCM was there to help. I was at the retreat and didn’t show up in time. It was also our movie night, showing Chronicles of Narnia. A couple of new people showed up, and I think we did a good enough job making them feel welcome and comfortable without seeming cultic and creepy. The block party is tonight, and I think we will be there to past out fliers to people. I’m not sure if I will be able to make it since I have a committee meeting at 6:15, and I hear they are long and grueling. Our first worship is Wednesday; I’m excited about having everybody back and am anticipating a good semester.

Alright, so I am not self-conscious about a lot of things; I’m able to take most things with a good sense of humor and don’t really care if a negative comment swings my way, but Friday night I was told I have a big forehead. Yes it was by a girl who I haven’t even known that long. Had she told me I was ugly or smelled like a terrorist I wouldn’t have cared all that much, but somehow the big forehead thing got to me. I immediately replied, “well you have a fat #$!” I wasn’t being serious, and I don’t think she even got nearly as offended as I did. That kind of killed the mood since we were both way too uptight. At least I don’t look like this guy!

By the way, I like my forehead and think it’s fine! But there is a surgery that causes the hairline to go lower, making my forehead much smaller… 🙂


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