Finger painting and egg rolls

August 15, 2006 at 4:44 pm (Day to Day)

The painting is finally coming along at UCM. I went up there early in the afternoon to find an empty building with no activity. I fired up my MP3 player to keep me company and finished one of the walls. I was a agitated since it took about five days to get a single wall done. I thought the week was going to be full of late nights and grumpy friends if finishing before Saturday was conceivable. As I was taking the tape off, Katie walked in and joined by taping up another wall. Not long afterwards Jacob and Aaron came in from work. Katie, Jacob, and I started getting after it pretty fast. Things went by so smoothly with three people. We did those little annoying parts of the wall that were required to be done by hand since they were too small to be sprayed. Pip and Scott showed up around 6:30 to add their hands. Pip got to spraying while Scott, Jacob, and I kept painting by hand. Pip and I got into an argument about weight/fat loss and muscle gain. It was pretty invigorating. The disagreement was pretty simple (and pretty pointless): he believes you can lose weight and fat while gaining muscle; I believe you cannot bulk and cut at the same time—you can either lose body fat% through a caloric deficit (by exercise, diet, or both) or gain muscle and bf% through a caloric surplus. I’m not going to rebut him on my blog because that would just be ridiculous since he doesn’t read it. It was fun to about something that didn’t really matter, though. It was one of those argument that we both knew didn’t matter, but we wanted to make sure the other person got our point. It was also one of those argument that we both knew wasn’t going to upset the other so we kept going. We took a break to go eat Chinese food once Beach showed up. I’m pretty sure I ate about ten pounds of food. Buffets+Rob=


We painted until we ran out of the primary color we were using, sandy yellow. We were going to go see World Trade Center but decided to postpone it until tonight. Pip and I went to Blockbuster to rent Inside Man and pick up one of Pip’s chums who was visiting from out-of-state. The movie was pretty decent , though I fell asleep for about fifteen minutes of it.

I gave blood at OBI yesterday. I was a little frustrated by my blood pressure and pulse rate. My blood pressure was 128/72. When I gave blood back in December it was 112/68, 139/75 in March, and 124/72 in June. The increase in March was due to being under a lot of stress, but life has been pretty stress-free lately. I think the reason for it being so high this time is because I lifted about two hours prior to giving blood which increases pulse rate and blood pressure. My pulse rate was 77, about twenty BPM higher than it usually is. I’m not too worried about it, but I think hypertension runs in my family. If I keep my exercise decent and my diet relatively clean, I should be alright—though last night’s buffet was NOT keeping it clean.

Here’s a question I threw out to somebody the other day: if there was no reward of heaven, would you still be a Christian?



  1. scott spencer said,

    there’s a reward?!?

  2. Rob said,

    I think there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow with the cartoon character from the Lucky Charms commercial passed out. This was the consequence from eating his Lucky Charms with stout ale instead of milk.

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