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August 13, 2006 at 5:31 pm (Day to Day)

David preached an intriguing sermon this morning on the hypostatic union. He stopped short of quoting the Council of Chalcedon. He talked a little bit about the early church heresy of the Monophysites, that Christ’s humanity was non-existent due to his divine nature overriding it, and the Nestorians, that Christ was separately God (I think they called this Logos) and separately man while appearing in physical form. I thought he presented the incarnation very well. He didn’t use the ten dollar words, but he didn’t have to. He was persistent in teaching that while parts of Christian theology are paradoxical and unexplainable, they are still true. For example, God cannot die or be resurrected, but Christ did both of these. I dissent from this opinion. I believe that there are undoubtedly antinomic relationships within Christianity, but I also believe they can be rationalized. Leaving room for faith is always a good thing, though.

There were a lot of junior high kids there this morning. I am curious about the direction the youth group is headed. Instead of relying on a pool of volunteers, it would be great if one or two people could volunteer to fill a lot of the duties of a youth minister. Having a different person every week makes it difficult for close relationships to develop, and it always feels out-of-place discussing personal or spiritual drama with somebody who you don’t share some kind of close bond with. I’m praying about my involvement with the youth, but the desire simply is not there. So I am praying first for the desire since without passion there is no love. I will go from there if God places a desire within me.



  1. jondh said,

    Pardon me, just curious, but in what church was this?

  2. thesaga said,

    First Presbyterian Church in Ada, Oklahoma. It’s a conservative PCUSA church. I guess it was a wee bit rude of me to post on your blog without any sort of introduction. I was browsing Word Press blogs when I came across yours.

    Tell me if what little I have gathered is correct—you are apart of the LDS church and work at the Mormon Training Center? I bet there’re some stories there! I am a student at East Central University and am a part of the United Campus Ministry. Last year at the UCM we had Mormon missionaries stop by pretty frequently. We would discuss theology and history, eat together (they came to our Thanksgiving meal for example), and have a pretty good time. I think you need to whip ‘em into shape better; they definitely mooched our internet and cable TV! 🙂


  3. jondh said,

    You’re quite right! I teach Finnish to older couple missionaries (retired folks) at the LDS church Missionary Training Center. Having been a missionary myself (although admittedly in Europe — not the US), I must say I’m a little embaressed by the missionaries you mention! We used the internet quite a bit to email our families weekly — thank you for your hospitality. But they definitely shouldn’t have been watching TV! Unfortunately, I don’t teach to younger misionaries, so I don’t have any pull there. Hopefully your area has better missionaries now.

    I was just interested in your blog, because I knew that anybody who knew enough to adeptly refer to the Monophysites and Council of Chalcedon HAD to know what they were talking about. I am actually a undersgraduate student at Brigham Young University here in Provo, and hope to go somewhere else to get a doctoral degree in New Testament studies or early Christian history.

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