A social experiment

August 13, 2006 at 12:44 am (Day to Day)

Michelle has a few options for her cancer treatment. It hasn’t spread far enough to require a hysterectomy and may be treatable with surgery. She goes to the doctor September 8 for one more consultation and then treatment, whatever it is, will began not long afterwards. This is relieving since the thought of chemotherapy is upsetting. Ideally, chemo kills the patient but just a little bit slower than it kills cancer.  Apparently she won’t have to worry about this since it was caught pretty early stage. Michelle and I had a fun past two days, or at least very good considering what was involved. We went to Oklahoma City yesterday to the doctor. I read through a three year old copy of Time Magazine while she got some blood work done and hung out with the doctor. We ate at Charleston’s, one of my favorite restaurants. She wasn’t nearly as excited about the food as I was. We loafed around the mall in Norman for about an hour before coming back home. I went to bed roughly around 8:30 and didn’t wake up until 9:00 this morning. It was a wonderful, life-changing sleep.  I finally caved in and watched Talladega Nights with her. It was much better than Anchorman, but it wasn’t anything that I’ll remember in five years.  

Tomorrow it is back to the UCM for more painting. We should be able to get it done on time now that the hardest part is done.

I have a sociological experiment I want to pursue next semester. The topic is the differences in gender sexuality, specifically the libido. Unfortunately, it’s going to be a little complicated unless I get some help. I want to talk to Dr. Petrowski or possibly Alford (since he taught human sex.) about how to set it up. Beach has gone through the sociology program, having taken the class on research and methods. Perhaps if he has time he could help and give some advice. I also want a partner in crime for this project, preferably a female for the sake of perspective. First things first, I am going to focus a few weeks on the study of the human libido. Libido is a relatively new term coined by Freud I think. Why are some more sexually-driven than others? Without researching, I think testosterone plays a key part, which is practical since males are considered more sexual than females.

I want this experiment to be active and not something in which people simply fill out a silly piece of paper. Here is a premature example of how I would this to be set up: six individuals, three males, three females, varying sociologically. I am not sure how they will vary, but part of the experiment is contingent on the fact that the participants do not have static sociological traits. These individuals will be predetermined by my partner and me, most likely each of us choosing the opposite sex. These individuals will be “in on it.”  Looks is something to be kept in mind, either all varying in physical appeal or all relatively close since Salma Hayek would probably get a better response than Grandma Death. They will approach members of the opposite sex and through a series of flirtatious gestures, ask them 1) if they want to go out on a date and 2) ask them to “go back to my place…” or some other gesture suggesting a sexual contact. I am not sure if it will be an either/or scenario or what. Ideally, I would like these people to fill out a silly little paper after the fact to gain a basic sociological profile. If I do this experiment in Ada, I would like the six individuals to be out-of-town for a number of reasons. Primarily there is a concern that word gets out and these people get a bad name. Ethics is something I have to keep in mind. I would like to remain as ethical as possible without resorting to just the silly little paper. What people write down on a piece of paper and what they do in real life are many times different.

I am going into this believing my results will be somewhere along the lines of…

(Single) Male:
                Willing to go on a date – ~55-65%
                Willing to engage in spontaneous sex – ~35% 

(Single) Females
                Willing to go on a date – ~50%
                Willing to engage in spontaneous sex <5%

 I believe gender will be the biggest determining factor.

Organizing this is going to be tough and require some people with a lot of balls (and ovaries), especially from the six individuals. I’ll hopefully report some progress within the next month. I will research what I can on the libido within the next four weeks. Afterwards, I will select an assistant, write up a preliminary report, hypothesis, and experiment, present our outline to one or more of the sociology professors for critique, and revise it. If no female I personally know in the sociology department is willing, I may ask one of the professors for advice on who might be willing. I would like to know my partner, however.

Currently I am a little scatter-brained and unorganized at the moment. This will be resolved in the coming weeks. I have a lot of books and articles I would like to read but unfortunately I doubt the ECU library has many of them on hand. Interlibrary loan will help alleviate this deficiency.


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