New Dawn

August 6, 2006 at 11:59 pm (Day to Day)

This may or may not be a permanent move. I was paying more than I would have liked at ol’ semper-reformanda. While it wasn’t expensive, a lot of features that went along with the hosting were going unused and there are much cheaper hosting plans that focus on blogs.

Today was very productive financially. I haven’t played poker for money in a while, but I was on Poker Stars and noticed I had $14 still deposited. Had it been anything over $20 I would have just cashed out and been $20 richer. I have been playing for fun lately and thought I’d give poker for money another round. The very first $5, nine-player tournament gave me $22.50 for winning first place. I didn’t place in the second $5 game, and got third ($9) in game three. After taking a break, I won first place back to back in two games ($22.50×3=$67.50+$9=76.50-$5=71.50). I won second place off a bad beat my next game ($13.50) and was the first eliminated on the next game after calling somebody’s All-in on the very first hand with my pocket kings against an ace-king. I got sucked out on the river. I decided I would finish the poker day with a bang—$20 buy-in sit and go with nine others. First place was a cool $94. I read everybody like a first grade children’s book while I was harder to read than A Clockwork Orange. First place went to Robci. After the fees were added in, I am sitting just over $165 in real money.

I don’t know what it takes to be a good poker player. Some people are able to become a winning player overnight, without any real explanation. My skill came with study from books and other players. I am an analytical person that usually goes with what my intuition is telling me. Since I am unable to physically see these people I am playing with, I recognize patterns. Tells do exist over internet poker; they’re just harder to spot. In one of my games, I could always tell a player was bluffing because he bet the exact same amount every time he was trying to take the pot—350 in chips. I was good about reading peoples’ hands by observing their behavior on previous hands. Some people are very straight-forward: they bet when they have it, they fold when they don’t have it. Most players were like this, making it very easy to make the right calls. I am also the player who is involved in very few pots, but the pots I do get into I usually outplay others with either clever strategy or better cards. Tight-aggressive is how I would call my playing style.

Eventually I will lose money; in fact, I have lost money plenty of times back in my $10 Tuesday night poker games at the Dog House. I am still up, however. Making $165 (minus my initial $14) in a day wouldn’t make a bad job. But it is a job that would eventually catch up with me and isn’t anything I have seriously considered. It is nice to be able to pick it up one day without having to get back into the groove. I have already cashed out. A nice check will be coming my way in about two weeks.

Michelle may have cervical cancer. She had countless tests done on her last week and will be getting a call tomorrow ascertaining the truth. She is very scared and nervous. I am as well.

I’m waking up bright and early with the old people tomorrow to go to the wellness center and experience yoga. From what I hear and read, yoga is very relaxing, both physically and mentally, making for a great beginning to the day. I’ll either go once and love it, or whine and complain about how worthless it is.

Speaking of wine, I turn 21 in just under five months. I will soon have to begin the quest for the perfect I-just-turned-twenty-one beverage. Beer is just too trashy, although I hear the chewable beer is quite delightful. I think I’ll pass on eating my alcohol. Wine screams sophistication and class. It is something I picture to be shared at a formal meeting, or at a special dinner, or even with a special somebody, not as a just-turned-twenty-one beverage.  Also, the atmosphere has to be good. I’m not going to sit and drink my first drink (legally) sitting at home watching a movie by myself. Common sense dictates I be around friends. We’ll see what happens.

I wonder how many people will read the above and gasp. This isn’t a poor, sad, woes me diatribe, since I am sure others can relate very closely; I feel like I’m in caught in the middle of two lifestyles, socially. On the one hand, if I talk about the fact that I have every intention of enjoying alcohol, one side will question my dedication as a Christian. This is how I’ve found myself: I’m not Jesusy enough for my Jesus friends, but I’m too Jesusy for some friends. I’m not saying the latter group isn’t down with the G-O-D (nostalgia of the movie Saved…), but I can be known to go on rants at times about Jesusy things that I actually give a damn about, and that can turn these people off. I cuss, I can be crude by saying phrases like “theologically jacking off”, I play poker, and I can be overly negative and pessimistic. I’m not upset, though; I like that I will one day be able to enjoy a drink while theologically jacking off at the same time with other like-minded people. Would that technically make it a circle jerk?

Yesterday morning I accomplished the big running goal of completing a mile in under six minutes. My time was 5:52. I have been timing myself Sunday nights, but I had a thought of science yesterday morning. I lifted at the wellness center for a good thirty minutes or so and realized that lifting is a cardio activity anaerobic in nature; that is, without oxygen from the lungs due to a very high heart rate of about 85% and above. I thought that since my heart rate had been dramatically increasing and decreasing over the half hour, it should be well “stretched” and able to be worked harder than usual without getting tired. There was no preliminary method to test this theory so I quickly went to the track in near one-hundred degree weather to find out. I felt like I could have gone even faster than I did so I think I will contribute anaerobic weight lifting to my fast time.

Hospice work is going to go on hiatus for at least a few weeks once school starts. Things are going to be hectic while readjusting to a more organized schedule and hospice may not be able to fit in right away. Once things get sorted out I will probably restart.

I’m going to the dermatologist tomorrow morning. I will have just enough time after yoga to take a shower and eat before having to leave. I’ve never been to the dermatologist, but surely he won’t tell me to take off my pants and cough while he “checks some stuff out,” will he?


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